Routine Professional Cleanings: Why, When, And More! 

If you spend any amount of time reviewing the care your smile needs in order to remain in exceptionally good health, then one of the first particulars that comes up includes preventive care, which is made up of dental hygiene at home, as well as routine professional care. You may take this information in and file it away, of course. However, our Cleveland, TX team wonders, for instance: Do you really understand why you need a professional dental cleaning on a consistent basis? If the answer is no, then we may not be seeing you as frequently as is necessary. So, let’s make sure you’re fully informed (and very likely to keep your smile in excellent health!).

Why You Need Cleanings

You need dental cleanings, which is something you know on the surface level. However, as far as why you need them, there may still be some question in your mind. Allow us to run through the details regarding what’s happening with your smile every day, so you better understand the role of professional cleanings with our team! First, a sticky film called plaque, which is full of bacteria, coats your smile every day. You brush it away and you floss. This is almost enough to keep your smile pristine but you will always leave a tiny bit behind. That bit is enough to lead to cavities, gum disease, and more. When you see us for cleanings, we remove it. So, your smile gets to remain exceptionally clean and free of problems!

How Often To Receive Them

You might guess that you should just come in to see us for professional dental cleanings as often as feels necessary. Maybe you figured that when your teeth start to feel dirty, this is a sign you need to come in. However, we like for things to be much more structured, so we can feel certain you’re always benefiting! For best results, set those cleanings up every six months without missing a single one!

Likely Consequences If You Avoid Them

Now, remember: If you avoid dental cleanings, you’ll have plaque and tartar left on your teeth and between teeth. Tooth decay may develop. Gum inflammation may begin. Though this may not sound like a serious issue, these are the first stages of what can turn into some serious damage and destruction for your smile, including tooth loss! So, keep up with dental cleanings, avoid the need for complex restorative care, and you’ll be happy you did!

Set Up Your Next Cleaning Soon

Don’t hesitate to schedule your next dental cleaning with our team, whether you just received one, it’s nearly time for your next, you’re a bit late, or you haven’t had a cleaning in years! We look forward to seeing you! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.