Why Your Teeth Don’t Feel Completely Clean

When you think you’re following through with the stuff our Cleveland, TX team tells you to do for a healthy, clean smile, you wonder what’s happening when your teeth never feel completely clean! Are they supposed to feel this way, you begin to ask yourself? Maybe you are missing an entire step of preventive dental care and that’s the problem. For a quick breakdown of the details (and so we can check in with your grin), get in touch with us soon to schedule a dental visit! Until then, some simple ideas might give you that new insight you need to figure out what the deal is with your not-so-smooth-feeling teeth.

You’re Missing Pieces Of Complete Care

In order to enjoy a clean smile that, as a result, also feels clean, we remind you that you need to follow through on each and every step of preventive dental care and you need to do it as frequently as we suggest. Otherwise, plaque will remain resting on teeth. You may ask, “Can’t I just remove it later?” The answer is no! It will turn into tartar (a very, very hard substance) faster than you realize it can (within only 24 hours sometimes)! So, consistently keeping your smile completely clean … that’s the way to go. Need a quick review? Just tell us so the next time we see you for a visit!

You Have Dry Mouth

You might be cleaning your smile just as we suggest. However, if you don’t have enough saliva flow, then your mouth is not going to feel clean and fresh, even with brushing and flossing. Why is this, you ask? Well, without enough moisture, your mouth may feel sticky. Bacteria will accumulate. Bad breath will start and you’ll even become more prone to decay! When this happens, call us. We can help.

You’re Between Dental Hygiene Sessions

Of course, you hope that if you brush and floss (and you’re coming in for dental cleanings), that your smile will feel completely clean all the time! However, we remind you that plaque coats your smile throughout the day every day and that when you eat or drink, some of those particles adhere to your teeth, where they are only slowly rinsed away by saliva. So, feel free to add an extra dental hygiene session into your day or be more mindful about drinking water with your snack and meals! You might throw some sugarless gum into the mix, too, to keep your smile feeling clean throughout the day.

Enjoy A Clean, Healthy Smile

Remember that maintaining a healthy smile means you can enjoy a smile that feels clean! Not sure where you’re going wrong but you know you could use some help? Let our team offer you the tips you need! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.