4 Easy Changes To Make Today: For Your Smile

When you think about your smile health, you may realize you could be doing things just a little bit better. However, you may have a hard time taking a bigger picture look at your daily oral health habits in such a way that you can pick out little issues that may be leaving a negative impact. Fortunately, this is something our Cleveland, TX team is quite good at! If you’re curious about how you can make your smile care even better (even if it’s already pretty wonderful), consider some simple changes that yield protection and improvement!

#1: Drink More Water

We remind you that one very easy change you can make today in honor of protecting your smile health is that you can drink more water. Of course, if you’re already topping the charts with your 64 ounces a day or more, then you’re in good shape! However, if this is one area of your life that you know could use a little work, go for it! You don’t have to reach your final goal on day one, either. Just decide that you’re going to build up to it and start with an extra cup!

#2: Start Timing Your Brushing Sessions

If you’re not currently timing your brushing sessions, then this is one very easy oral health change you can make for the better. Use anything that you can set for two minutes and then remember to start it when you begin brushing. Use a sand timer, your phone, a clock, etc. When you are certain you’re brushing for two minutes each session, you know you’re doing your best!

#3: Buy A New Toothbrush, Etc.

Replace whatever is old or you dislike in terms of your dental care collection. If your brush is more than four months old, start fresh! If you can’t stand your toothpaste, buy something new. These improvements will help you keep your oral health safe!

#4: Stop One Bad Habit

As you know, over time, bad habits will usually, eventually lead to some amount of damage to your oral health. Since it’s nicer to avoid the need for restorative care altogether, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect. If you were asked about your secret bad habits that could affect your smile health, what immediately comes to mind? Do you bite your nails? Have you been eating hard snacks that you know should go? Whatever you come up with, choose just one thing you know you can easily give up and follow through!

Make Your Smile Health Even Better

If you’re someone who believes there is always a little bit of room for improvement, then remember we are always full of helpful information to keep your smile healthy! When looking for tips, just ask! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.