The 3 H’s: Smile-Related Holiday Harm You Can Avoid!

You probably have a faint idea that we have some suggestions that will help you out during holiday time. However, you may sort of find yourself hoping to avoid them because you don’t want anything to steer you off course from having the lovely, over-the-top wonderful time you enjoy experiencing during Christmastime. Of course, our Cleveland, TX team has some very specific words of warning for you (and they all happen to start with the letter “H” to make it easy). As for our recommendations disrupting your fun: They won’t in the least! They’ll simply help you have an exceptional time, while keeping your smile health intact.

H Is For Hot!

We are well aware that you may have been waiting all year for this Christmas meal, so hesitating once you’ve got food on your plate or drink in your cup can be quite difficult! However, if you bite into something extremely hot, take a sip of a very hot liquid, etc., you will hurt your mouth. While you will likely recover just fine without harming your long-term smile health, this can really put a damper on your holiday experience. Skip this issue by instead checking food temperature first and being patient as it cools down.

H Is For Hard

We will remind you of this smile health suggestion every single year and likely during every holiday: Hard foods can lead to broken, damaged, fissured teeth. If it seems like this is even the slightest possibility, it’s not worth the bite!

H Is For Holiday Sweets

Yes, well, perhaps we’re reaching a bit on this one and it should have been “S” for sweets. However, we chose holiday sweets because this time of year really does produce a lot of food items that you don’t eat throughout most of the year. It’s special for Christmas! You probably don’t usually drink eggnog, nibble on fruitcake, or devour brownies and peppermint bark and pie all in one meal! We don’t want you to feel guilty, of course! Instead, we want you to have a nice time, while you remember that you should be very thoughtful about removing sugars from your smile after you’ve eaten them. How? It’s so very simple. Rinse with water! Drink it while you snack and eat your dessert. Then, if you can manage it, chew some sugarless gum or go brush your teeth!

Enjoy A Protected Smile This Holiday Season!

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