Deep Cleanings: Your Perio Care FAQs

So, you need a deep cleaning instead of a traditional cleaning because your gum health is not in peak condition! Not a problem. We provide ultrasonic scaling and root planing! If you are already aware of this particular detail but you have to admit that you don’t really know what any of this means (except that your smile needs extra help due to your gum condition), then our responses to some frequently asked questions might be just what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does ultrasonic scaling and root planing mean? Is this a deep cleaning?

Answer: It is! We will be cleaning your teeth further beneath your gumline than with a traditional cleaning. We will also be smoothing out your dental tissue. This is because you have plaque and tartar building up, which has led to gum disease. By smoothing the tissue, we reduce the surface area to which bacteria may cling.

Question: What happens if I don’t do this?

Answer: If you ignore your need for a deep cleaning, then the current problem you’re experiencing with your gum disease will become worse. If it’s currently reversible, it will become permanent. The plaque and tartar will accumulate even more. Your gum pockets will grow. Eventually, the disease will affect your ligaments and jawbone and you could lose teeth!

Question: Is a deep cleaning scary?

Answer: Not at all! We perform it in quadrants and numb your tissues, so we can help restore your gum health, while you lie back in comfort!

Come In For Beneficial Deep Cleanings

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