Sleep Apnea: Guiding You Toward Improvement

If we determine that you are suffering from sleep apnea, then you are going to require sleep apnea treatment. If you think that this means we simply send you home with an appliance that should help, we would like to remind you that getting your nightly breathing back on track is indeed far more comprehensive! Consider the means through which we will guide you back toward open airways as you sleep at night, so your comfort and your quality of life spring back to their previous state of wellbeing.

The Appliance

First, if you were expecting us to provide you with oral appliance therapy as part of your sleep apnea treatment, then you were getting that part right. We will, in fact, suggest you wear a mouthguard as you sleep. However, remember that this is a slim and comfortable device that works in a way that helps airways remain open, rather than collapsing. It’s all about carefully manipulating the position of your lower jaw, which will not feel uncomfortable but that will make a serious impact on your breathing.

Lifestyle Changes

If you’re doing things that cause your throat muscles and tissues to collapse, if you’re doing things that place pressure and send tissues back toward your throat, etc., then you’re contributing to your obstructed airways. While sleep apnea treatment in the form of an oral appliance is extremely beneficial, it may not be enough if your actions are counterproductive. We will also offer you a thorough explanation regarding important daily life changes (like sleeping positions, avoiding artificial relaxants, etc.) so that you are fully ready to combat obstructive sleep apnea and get back to sleep.

Learn About How We Address Sleep Apnea

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