Canker Sores: Who, What, Where, Etc.?

Nobody ever feels very happy about getting a canker sore. In fact, these sores cause some serious alarm for many people, a good amount of confusion, and lead to a very long list of questions. To address the major details you need, so you can respond calmly and appropriately should one show up in your mouth, we’d love to run down the essential factors with you with the help of a tried-and-true who-what-where-when-why approach!

Who Do They Affect?

Canker sores can affect anyone!

What Are They?

A canker is a sore that’s also called an aphthous ulcer. It’s a shallow ulcer with a center that might look white or yellow-ish. Around this lighter tissue, you will see a red border. The sore is painful but you can address this with topical numbing products.

Where Do They Occur?

They occur on the soft tissues within your mouth, including your gum tissue and more.

When Do They Tend To Show Up?

Canker sores may show up at any time! However, they may be more likely to occur after you have injured your mouth, when you’re very stressed, or if you eat something your body dislikes or is allergic to.

Why Do They Happen?

The cause is not yet certain.

How Should I Treat Them?

To get them to go away, you should leave them to heal. When you bother them, it can make them worse and may slow healing. You may, of course, use topical anesthetic to relieve discomfort. In addition, rinsing with salt water is beneficial, too! For severe instances, contact us.

Get Canker Sore Questions Answered At Visits

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