How To Avoid Brushing Too Hard

If you always thought that harder brushing would yield better results, it’s time to throw that belief out the window! The truth is that, though it might seem hard brushing should be beneficial, it can cause all sorts of problems for you (such as gum recession, eroded dental tissue, etc.). So, what to do now that you’ve been brushing quite aggressively for years and we’re instructing you to brush very gently during your dental hygiene? Not to worry: Our recommendations will make it an easy transition.

Make Yourself A Note

If you’ve been brushing too hard for a long time, it will take a bit of practice to get yourself into a different mindset. Don’t worry if it seems challenging at first. You will adapt and will soon cleanse your smile this way on auto-pilot! For that initial shift, we encourage you to make yourself a note that you keep on your mirror, so it’s the first thing you see when you begin your dental hygiene session.

Check Your Bristles

Are your bristles soft? If they are labeled hard, medium, firm, or anything other than “soft,” then they are too hard. Purchase a new one!

Switch To Electric

Electric brushes do so much work for you that it’s much easier to just guide them without pressing. (Note: Some of them are even programmable to switch off automatically if you apply too much pressure!)

Check Your Timing

Are you brushing hard, in part, because you tend to get your dental hygiene done as quickly as you possibly can? This is a very common cause of hard brushing. We generally suggest that our patients use a timer (any kind will do) set to the recommended two minutes required for brushing. This will allow you to slow down and brush carefully.

Protect Your Smile With Our Advice

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