Becoming Familiar With: Porcelain Veneers

When you aren’t sure what to make of porcelain veneers, it’s difficult to compare and contrast them with your other cosmetic dentistry options. However, when you become educated on your treatment choices, it becomes ever so simple to consider one treatment against the other as you make a final decision regarding perfecting and beautifying your grin. To help you feel more familiar with veneers (which is particularly helpful if you’re looking for a dramatic improvement for your smile), we’ve got the essential facts you need to form a solid foundation of knowledge.

Know That They Fix Most Esthetic Problems

The most important thing to remember about porcelain veneers as you’re sorting through your options for esthetic improvement: They can fix nearly any issue you’re having if it’s cosmetic related. Let’s review the issues you may be able to address with your fully customized veneers (which may be placed on one tooth or multiple teeth):

  • You can hide blemishes (like chips)
  • You can achieve a whiter smile
  • You can make your teeth look different regarding shape or dimensions
  • You can fill spaces between teeth (small ones)
  • You can improve texture
  • You can achieve a smile that appears more uniform

Recognize That They Are Long Lasting!

Now, remember that if you choose to place porcelain veneers, you’re making a sound decision. Just because they offer so many exciting benefits does not mean there’s some major drawback you’re overlooking. Patients often worry that perhaps veneers will be difficult to maintain, that they will not be durable, and more. Fortunately, they can last many years (often up to 20) and require the same care your pre-veneer smile needs.

Come In To Discover If Veneers Are Right For You

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