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Will A Bridge Offer A Solution For Missing Teeth?

When one or more of your teeth become lost, the function and health of your smile suffers, along with the beauty of your smile too. To help you obtain a full smile once again, your Cleveland, TX, dentist may suggest a bridge. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how we create one, and the… Read more »

How to Restore Your Smile After Losing a Tooth

The good news about modern dental treatment is that many of the common problems that used to devastate people’s smiles can now be effectively treated and managed with optimal results. This includes the loss of one or more teeth, which can potentially have several diminishing impacts on the overall state of your oral health. Today,… Read more »

What You Might Not Be Aware Of About Tooth Loss

Though many people believe it’s inevitable, the truth is that tooth loss is largely preventable. There are many different potential causes behind it, and the majority of these causes can be prevented or treated early, before you end up losing one or more teeth because of it. If you do experience tooth loss, then there… Read more »

Can You Lower Your Risks of Tooth Loss?

Sticking to a good dental hygiene routine every day and visiting your dentist routinely for checkups and cleanings are good ways to lower your risks of experiencing most dental health concerns. That’s because the most common concerns, like tooth decay and gum disease, are the products of certain types of oral bacteria being allowed to… Read more »

Successfully Restoring Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Dealing with tooth loss isn’t like dealing with other concerns with your tooth structure. If a tooth is damaged or develops a cavity, then the goal of treating it is to restore the tooth’s strength and integrity so that you can protect and preserve it better. However, if the tooth is lost or extracted, the… Read more »

What Replacing a Lost Tooth Does for Your Smile

On the surface, the advantage to your smile that comes with replacing a lost tooth might seem obvious. That’s especially true if your biggest concern is how your smile looks without one or more natural teeth where they should be. However, there are many more consequences to losing a tooth than you might realize at… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Treat It To Avoid More Tooth Loss!

You have already gone through the not-so-lovely experience that we refer to as tooth loss. Of course, the very last thing you might be thinking is that you’d better do something about those missing teeth or else … it could cause tooth loss! How might lost teeth possibly beget more missing teeth, you wonder? Well,… Read more »

Holiday Suggestions For Denture Wearers!

Are you a patient of ours who wears a full or partial denture? If so, then we know you are serious about your smile and you have already taken the steps required to enjoy a complete smile. However, we also know that even if you have been wearing dentures for many years and are quite… Read more »

Bridges: The Questions You Haven’t Asked (But Should)

It’s one thing, of course, to realize that a dental bridge is probably a more than suitable selection for you once you’ve experienced tooth loss. However, when you have questions that hang about and that remain unanswered, you can often find yourself in a bit of a pickle: You think that a bridge will solve… Read more »

3 Reasons People Need Prosthetic Dental Care

You might have some ideas about prosthetic dentistry. You might think it’s something that you might only need once you’re much older. However, age has nothing to do with tooth loss! Remember, when you care for your teeth, you can keep them forever and ever! You may even think that replacing missing teeth is only… Read more »