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Why Crooked Teeth Need Orthodontic Correction

Crooked teeth are often referred to as malocclusion, but the term encompasses more than just the misaligned state of your teeth. It also includes many of the impacts that result from their misalignment, including damage to your tooth structure and the changes to your bite’s balance and pressure. These cumulative effects are why it’s important… Read more »

The Real Problems with Crooked Teeth

The appearance of a smile with crooked teeth can sometimes be obvious, but it isn’t the only problem that can arise when your teeth aren’t aligned the way they should be. The longer teeth remain crooked, or the more out of alignment they become, the greater these problems can become. Today, we take a look… Read more »

Important Things to Know About Crooked Teeth

Many people reach adulthood without ever needing braces to straighten crooked teeth in their childhood. Once they do, it can seem like the worries of ever needing braces are no longer a concern. However, even if they’ve never experienced tooth misalignment before, many adult teeth can shift or be forced out of their proper alignment… Read more »

Why Some Adult Teeth Become Crooked

Many people expect any problems with their tooth alignment to appear during childhood. Therefore, if they’ve never needed orthodontic treatment to correct a problem with their tooth alignment, then they may be surprised to learn that their teeth have become crooked in adulthood. No matter what age it occurs, tooth misalignment can lead to several… Read more »

Orthodontics: Understanding What You Need

You likely already feel familiar with the fact that if you want a straighter smile, the specialized area of dental care that you’ll need is called orthodontics. What you might not have much sense of just yet is the fact that there are two major categories if you think you require orthodontic care. These determine… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: What’s Getting Started Like?

You may have no qualms about straightening your smile with Invisalign treatment as you visualize your dramatically improved smile. However, what you may feel a little uneasy about is how you’re supposed to get started with this orthodontic system. Particularly if you are new to care for misalignment concerns, you may not have the first… Read more »

How To Fix Your Not-So-Straight Smile

What’s wrong with your smile that’s causing you to think you may require orthodontic care? Are you looking at crooked teeth in the mirror? Do you see spaces between teeth that have long bothered you? Maybe you are experiencing a problem with your alignment that you are certain requires care but that you cannot quite… Read more »

Invisalign Candidacy: Assumptions Versus Facts

As you begin imagining your life in the future, once you achieve a straight smile, you might find that you’re grinning to yourself. So much will change for the better, so who wouldn’t become excited? Your daily qualify of life will greatly improve. You’ll even love the way your smile looks! However, before you get… Read more »

Q&A: Misalignment Or Esthetic Concerns?

When you’re not happy with your smile because of issues like spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, overlapping, and other concerns, you may be at a loss for the correct pathway to take to arrive at a solution. Is your smile frustration simply the result of an easy-to-fix esthetic issue that we may address with cosmetic… Read more »