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Easy Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay

One of the most rewarding aspects of taking excellent care of your smile is knowing you’re doing all that you can to avoid tooth decay and other problems. One of the most frustrating experiences is to think you’re doing all that you can to prevent cavities only to deal them anyway. If this sounds like… Read more »

Taste And Breathe Organic Tea Time

Are you someone who has often looked at the surprising selection of herbal teas at the grocery store, wondering about their benefits and whether it’s time to try one? Perhaps you have heard friends talking about essential oils but you’ve never been sure how to proceed with learning more. To find out more regarding natural… Read more »

Quiz: Valentine’s Day And Your Smile

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, it might bring a mix of excitement and dread for you. First, you’re excited because it’s a lovely day that is all about romance! Next, of course, it’s a day that tends to provide you access to a lot of sugar, which you are well aware isn’t really ideal for… Read more »

Flossing: Helping You Make The Most Of It!

There’s something about flossing that can turn an otherwise attentive, committed patient into someone ready to run for the hills. While this part of your dental hygiene is simple and effective, if you have questions, uncertainties, or frustration, you may find that it seems anything but easy. Before you toss this very important aspect of… Read more »

4 Things You Hate About Brushing (And What To Do)

When you think about brushing your teeth, do you get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling? Or, do you find yourself feeling a little bit repulsed by the notion? If you immediately answered with the latter of the two options, it might be time to do something about how much you dislike your dental hygiene routine…. Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz: Time Consuming Or Not?

The sense that your dental hygiene requires serious commitment and time is a feeling that is shared by many dental patients. You need to come in for visits, you brush, you floss, you purchase products. It seems like a lot sometimes. However, is it really? Or is it just a matter of finding a routine and… Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Cleanings

As you may already know about dental cleanings, there’s something extremely refreshing about them. First, you will literally walk away from our practice with a fresher feeling mouth. Second, of course, you will know your mouth is as clean as it is going to get and that you’ve got a solid foundation for effective care… Read more »

Your Absolute Best Dental Care At Home

Oral health care is composed of two essential parts: The professional care you receive from our practice and the dental care you practice at home. If you’re remembering to call us to schedule a visit for yourself twice a year (in intervals of six months) then you are right on target with one part of your… Read more »

Come On In For Comprehensive Care!

Are you a patient seeking out a dental practice where you (and the whole fam) can receive thoughtful, relaxing care that addresses the needs of everyone? Well, aren’t we glad you happened upon our website? You will discover in reviewing a quick rundown of our services that we provide patients with modern dental care through… Read more »

Painting With A Twist

Have you ever thought about joining a painting class that helps you along as you go, where you can bring friends, and where you can just unwind for the evening? If so, you will want to save the date, muster up your creativity, and head out for a very enjoyable Painting With A Twist event.