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3 Reasons To Become A New Patient Today!

Do you know that it’s time to make a decision about your dental care? Maybe you’ve overdue on your preventive care. Maybe you’ve recently moved and you’re going to become a new patient a dental practice soon but you just can’t find the motivation to get started. First and foremost, we encourage you to set… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Why It’s Not Worth Experiencing

You might think that a cavity is not really that big of a deal. When compared with other things that can eventually go wrong with your smile, we can’t necessarily argue with you. However, what we do need you to know is that tooth decay is not worth experiencing. It might start off small and… Read more »

Kid Quiz: Enjoying Summer And Healthy Smiles

If anyone loves summer, it’s your kids! If ever you feel extremely concerned about your children during a particular season, well … of course, that’s during summer! So, how to allow your kids to have the time of their lives as they play outdoors and have as much fun as possible before school starts again… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth: Questions And Answers

When you’re experiencing sensitive teeth, this feels like no minor obstacle. Instead, it’s something that can make you worry, that can make you physically uncomfortable, and that may feel like an issue that you don’t quite know how to tackle. Fortunately, we can report that with the help of some common questions (and answers), you… Read more »

Basic Dos and Don’ts Of Dental Care

When it comes to dental care, there are some things you shouldn’t do (and then the things you should do instead). We know that this is an entirely foreign world to you in many instances, which is why you can find yourself struggling with how to make the right decision. To help you feel like… Read more »

Bruxism Quiz: Is It True … Or False?

Have you recently learned the basics about bruxism disorder, which causes you to wonder if perhaps it is affecting your oral health? Or, do you assume this issue has nothing to do with you because you don’t remember ever clenching or grinding your teeth? (Hint: You won’t always know that you’re doing it). To help… Read more »

Avoiding Gum Disease: 3 Things You Need To Do At Home

Of course, you don’t want to experience gum disease. However, you might not know how to avoid it. You may not even realize that with your efforts in caring for your oral health, you are making some minor mistakes that may have you heading straight for periodontal problems. Fortunately, avoiding it is no rare feat…. Read more »

The ABCs Of Your TMJs

When you have no idea what a TMJ is, being diagnosed with TMJ disorder (TMD) can leave you feeling concerned and a bit in the dark. No worries! Whether you’ve already received a diagnosis or if you think this may apply to you because of consistent jaw discomfort, we can help demystify this functional disorder… Read more »

1,2,3 Important Facts: Sleep Apnea

If you’re someone who has been experiencing mounting fatigue and other strange symptoms and you’ve either been told it may be sleep apnea (or you’ve matched your experience up with the disorder on your own), you know something is off. However, you might not know if you’ve hit the nail on the head with your… Read more »

My Tongue: Must I Brush It?

Ah, yes. The age old question: Must I brush my tongue as part of my dental hygiene? We know that for some, the sensation that comes with this aspect of smile care is often a little displeasing. We know that for others, the thought of brushing one’s tongue simply never seemed like a significant factor…. Read more »