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Oral Cancer Screenings: What To Expect From Our Team

While you may be familiar with the ins and outs of dental checkups and the fact that we are helping you avoid problems like gingivitis, decay, and more, you might not feel so clear regarding the details of oral cancer screenings. How do you get one, you wonder, and what are they like? Should you… Read more »

Dental Care: How We Figure Out What You Need

You know that we keep telling you we offer comprehensive dental care with a list of lots (and lots) of dental services. However, what you begin wondering is how you’re going to figure out which treatment or two from that list is really what you need. Here’s what we like to remind our patients: That’s… Read more »

Why Am I Getting Dry Mouth?

You may recognize that you have dry mouth because, well, your mouth feels dry. You may notice that your lips are surprisingly chapped or cracked. You may also deal with a not-so-fresh breath feeling, with saliva that seems stringy instead of its usual consistency, and your ability to taste foods may change. What you may… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment: What To Expect?

If you’ve not been sleeping well (or you think you have but for some reason, you are extremely tired every day), then it might be wise to talk with us about sleep apnea treatment. We know that you may not have realized you could address such an issue with your dental team but … surprise!… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: 4 Reasons To Try One

What’s that? You have never tried an electric toothbrush before? Well, if that’s the case, now is certainly as good a time as any to get going with testing out the waters. Not sure you feel you have a good reason to try one? Feel like you might require some motivation? That part is easy!… Read more »

Fluoride: Facts You Should Know

We think there are some things you should know about fluoride because we hear an awful lot of misinformation coming from our patients! We hear so much, in fact, that we have come to realize you may be missing out on essential ingredients (such as this one) when you’re practicing your dental hygiene just because… Read more »

Dental Insurance: The Time To Use It Is ASAP!

It’s time to put your dental coverage to work! As in … right now. Why are we suddenly so frantic to ensure you’re getting all that you can out of your dental insurance at the current moment? After all, there’s a lot going on, there are gifts to be purchased, trees to be decorated, parties… Read more »

H20 And Your Smile: Things To Consider

Water is wonderful for your oral health! Right? Well, yes. When you’re drinking cool or room temperature water, then you’re doing something fantastic for your teeth and gums. With each sip, you help rinse bad particles away (such as plaque, germs, and food pieces) that can lead to issues like gingivitis, tooth decay, and more…. Read more »

Why Sleep Apnea Isn’t Fair To Your Partner

If you’re sort of thinking about coming in to talk with us about whether you need sleep apnea treatment … and you have a partner … now might be the time. While it’s always important to do something about sleep apnea because it can have serious effects (negative ones) on your health, things become more… Read more »

Tongue Piercings: Fast Facts You’ll Need

Do you think that a tongue ring is in your future? Probably sooner than later? If you have not yet headed out to receive this oral accessory, then perhaps there is something holding you back. Or, maybe you just need some more information. We would love to help you out by filling you in with… Read more »