The Problem With Bruxism

problem with bruxismBruxism is a disorder also known as teeth grinding. Bruxism is sub-conscious and often happens while you are asleep. Because it happens without you thinking about it, it can go on for a long time without you noticing. Grinding your teeth every night can cause tiny cracks and chips in your teeth that may not be noticeable until they become problematic. Bruxism can increase your risk for decay, damage, and increased sensitivity to your teeth. It can also increase your risk of developing TMJ disorder. If you think you are grinding your teeth, it is important to seek treatment before it leads to complications.  (more…)

Coushatta Bus Trip

Coushatta Bus TripIf you are looking for a fun little getaway this summer, there is something nearby for you. The Coushatta Bus Trip departs from Liberty, TX. The Liberty Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce charters a bus for a day trip to Coushatta Resort and Casino in Kinder, LA. Door prizes are awarded during the ride. Water and snacks are provided during the trip. The bus ride will feature movies and they encourage you to bring your favorite family-friendly, comedy, or western film along with you for viewing. The bus is chartered through First Class Tours, who do not allow smoking or alcoholic beverages on board. The bus will depart promptly at 8:00am and will arrive at Coushatta Resort and Casino by 10:30am. The bus will depart Coushatta at 5:00pm and arrive back in Liberty by 7:30pm. (more…)

Do You Need A Deep Cleaning?

Why Do I Need A Deep Cleaning?Good oral hygiene is the best way to lower your risk for dental problems and complications. Brushing and flossing twice a day is a big part of good oral hygiene. Another big part is regular visits to your dentist’s office for check-ups and cleanings. Your teeth should be professionally cleaned every six months. A hygienist will be able to remove any plaque and tartar build-up that you may not have been able to remove at home. Along with your mouth getting sparkling clean, a professional will better be able to spot any potential problems. When gum disease is caught early, it can be treated with a deep cleaning.  (more…)

Dental Sealants: Quizzing Your Knowledge

When you think that you should probably get moving on dental sealants for your child but you don’t actually feel completely confident about them, there’s a problem! You need more information, of course. To get your headed in the right direction, our quiz will most certainly help. We also encourage you to give us a call, so we can make sure you feel extremely knowledgeable and so we may schedule a visit for sealant placement!


Q&A: What Can Toothpaste Do For Me?

You know that toothpaste is supposed to be something you use every day, two times a day, during your required brushing. What you might not feel like you know quite so well is what to make of toothpaste, what it can really do for you, and whether any of the specialty products you see out there are really going to do what they say. To ensure you feel informed on this topic, we offer questions (and answers) that will guide your dental hygiene!


Toothbrush Time: Is Your Brush Is A Good One?

Your brushing is only as good as your technique, your patience, and the toothbrush you use! Assuming you’ve got the skills to brush thoroughly and the foresight to take the full two minutes you need, that just leaves one more factor: Your brush! How’s the brush you’ve been using for your dental hygiene? Would you give it high praise if asked or are you this close to throwing it in the trash can because it’s not so great? We can help you decide if your brush is a good one or if you need to make a new choice with some simple suggestions.


Dental Hygiene Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask

When you’re brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, or even thinking about it, you may notice that your thoughts tends to leave you with a lot of questions. While you could certainly benefit from answers, particularly if they’re about how to perform optimal dental hygiene, that doesn’t mean you’re going to ask. Why not? Well, like many patients, you might feel a little too shy. First things first, we suggest you remember we are happy to answer anything! As for common questions we receive (which will show you that your inquiries aren’t embarrassing, after all), we’re happy to present them with answers.


Staining Quiz: Yellowing And Cosmetic Care!

If you’re seeing a yellowed smile in the mirror, one that simply seems to have lost its previous shine, or some other form of fading, you’re probably looking at stains. Unfortunately, over time, the foods you eat (and more) can take a toll on your smile, leaving it discolored. The good news? Cosmetic care will solve your problems! As for the little details that you may not feel super confident about at the moment, we will be happy to clear them up for you. Try out our quiz, then schedule a visit.


4 Ways Water Helps Your Teeth

There are lots of reasons to drink water, especially in the hot days of summer. Water is essential for the body’s systems to function, but did you know water is also very beneficial to your teeth? Teeth don’t absorb water like the organs of your body, but drinking plenty of water can help prevent cavities and keep your oral environment healthy. If you have any doubt about the health of water for your teeth, watch what we sip on during your checkup or cleaning appointment. (more…)