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Restorative Care: Gain Motivation By Reflecting On Time

As you well know, when you are introduced to a new way of looking at something you’ve never felt very confident about before … and you really like this new perspective … it can offer you serious dose of relief! So, when the topic of the day is the restorative care that you need, our… Read more »

If You Don’t Get The Restorative Care You Need…

When we determine that you require restorative care, this is something that you need. Unlike determining that whitening is the appropriate selection for your discoloration, or some other distinction that doesn’t impact your oral health now and in the long run, remember that any and all treatments to fix your smile are absolutely necessary. With… Read more »

4 Basic, Frustrating Side Effects Of Decay

When tooth decay develops, you already know that this is bad news because it means your oral health has been compromised to a certain degree. With that said, we remind you that there are also some other side effects to worry about that may prove extremely frustrating! The silver lining in this cavity cloud? Our… Read more »

Helping You Describe Your Toothache

There’s no question about it: You have a toothache. However, when we do question you about it, are you going to be able to give us an in-depth explanation about the type of discomfort you’re experiencing? Or, do you realize that aside from saying, “It hurts!” you aren’t really full of helpful adjectives at the… Read more »

Things To Change Once You Get A Cavity

Once you get a cavity, you may think of it as “the final straw.” You know that you haven’t been taking the very best care of your smile, so now that you have tooth decay and you will need to see us for a dental filling, you’re ready to change your ways! Only, you might… Read more »

Questions To Ask If Fillings Make You Nervous

If you’ve had a filling before at a different practice, if this is going to be your very first dental filling, etc., for some, this treatment leads to the sensation of a stomach full of butterflies! Of course, from our Cleveland, TX team’s perspective, we can very quickly respond to you by saying that there’s… Read more »