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How to Save Your Tooth with a Dental Crown

One of the reasons why dental crowns have been a part of professional dental treatment for so long is that they’re effective. A dental crown completely covers, or caps, a tooth’s visible structure, which can do a number of different things, depending on the tooth’s specific concerns. Today, modern crowns are crafted with greater precision… Read more »

How Your Tooth Got to Needing Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is widely recognized, but it isn’t something that everyone will have to undergo in their lives. The condition that causes the need for it – a tooth infection known as decay – is often noticed, treated, and stopped before it becomes that severe. However, if you do need root canal therapy, then… Read more »

How Does a Tooth Filling Actually Work?

When it comes to chronic dental health issues, cavities are the most common kind that your smile may face. That’s because they’re caused by oral bacteria that make up the plaque that clings to your teeth every day. Like most people, you may not always be as diligent as you should at keeping your teeth… Read more »

3 Ways To Brag About Your Root Canal 

Wait a second you might be thinking to yourself … brag about my root canal treatment? Yes, that’s right. In the midst of wondering how you ended up with a damaged tooth that requires intensive restorative care, potentially feeling a bit unsure about the treatment, and more, you may have overlooked this very important factor:… Read more »

Dental Crowns: 4 Very Helpful R-Words! 

Dental crowns are often a restorative care treatment that trips up our patients in terms of what they can expect. On one hand, you may feel extremely concerned about how your tooth and entire smile is going to look after placement. On the other hand, our Cleveland, TX team knows that you may become more… Read more »

Restorative Care: Gain Motivation By Reflecting On Time

As you well know, when you are introduced to a new way of looking at something you’ve never felt very confident about before … and you really like this new perspective … it can offer you serious dose of relief! So, when the topic of the day is the restorative care that you need, our… Read more »

If You Don’t Get The Restorative Care You Need…

When we determine that you require restorative care, this is something that you need. Unlike determining that whitening is the appropriate selection for your discoloration, or some other distinction that doesn’t impact your oral health now and in the long run, remember that any and all treatments to fix your smile are absolutely necessary. With… Read more »

4 Basic, Frustrating Side Effects Of Decay

When tooth decay develops, you already know that this is bad news because it means your oral health has been compromised to a certain degree. With that said, we remind you that there are also some other side effects to worry about that may prove extremely frustrating! The silver lining in this cavity cloud? Our… Read more »

Helping You Describe Your Toothache

There’s no question about it: You have a toothache. However, when we do question you about it, are you going to be able to give us an in-depth explanation about the type of discomfort you’re experiencing? Or, do you realize that aside from saying, “It hurts!” you aren’t really full of helpful adjectives at the… Read more »