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Cavities: Who Should Worry About Getting Them?

You may wonder if you are on the list of people who should worry about getting a cavity. The truth is, our Cleveland, TX team would much prefer it if you weren’t worried about your smile but instead felt empowered and proactive about keeping it healthy! However, whatever words you use to express your concern… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Tooth Suddenly Cracks

There are some reasons that your tooth may seem okay to you but may suddenly crack. As you can probably surmise even without having an extensive knowledge regarding dental care is the fact that nobody wants to deal with a cracked tooth! So, gathering up the education you need in order to understand the “why”… Read more »

What’s That Crack In My Tooth?

Do you see a crack in your tooth? Or, have you bitten into something and you are experiencing a serious, very obvious break? When you know that the word you would apply to what’s going on with your oral health is “crack” as it applies to your tooth but you didn’t know there were different… Read more »

3 Certain And Eventual Outcomes If You Forego Your Filling

Yes, of course, you have the freedom to choose not to get a dental filling even if we tell you that you require one. However, as you’ve probably already guessed, this is not something we would ever suggest for you! Instead, we hope that you will feel the urgency that comes with tooth decay and… Read more »

Lesser Known Reasons You Really Need An Extraction

There are obvious reasons that you need a tooth extraction that you can likely come up with on your own. For instance, when you end up experiencing some sort of impact and your tooth is seriously damaged, it’s not surprising that the remaining tissue may need to be removed. Or, you have wisdom teeth that… Read more »

Composite And Filling Open Areas

You have heard of composite before if you’ve ever received a tooth-colored filling or if you know anything about dental bonding. What you might not recognize is that this is the same material used for filling in areas of missing tissue across the board. We’d like to offer you some reminders about composite, so you… Read more »