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Things To Change Once You Get A Cavity

Once you get a cavity, you may think of it as “the final straw.” You know that you haven’t been taking the very best care of your smile, so now that you have tooth decay and you will need to see us for a dental filling, you’re ready to change your ways! Only, you might… Read more »

Questions To Ask If Fillings Make You Nervous

If you’ve had a filling before at a different practice, if this is going to be your very first dental filling, etc., for some, this treatment leads to the sensation of a stomach full of butterflies! Of course, from our Cleveland, TX team’s perspective, we can very quickly respond to you by saying that there’s… Read more »

How To Make Tooth Decay Go Away (For Good)

Tooth decay is no joke, no laughing matter, and no fun. Instead, it can cause toothaches, it can lead to infection and the destruction of your tooth, and it can develop even when you’re sort-of caring for your smile. So, what’s a well-meaning dental patient to do, you wonder, when you are absolutely ready to… Read more »

What Restoring Your Smile Can Entail

You probably know that our Cleveland, TX practice can help you when your smile isn’t exactly in great shape at the moment, which means you’re a wonderful candidate for help through restorative dental care! It’s always quite reassuring to realize you have a place to go, where you can restore your oral health through comfortable,… Read more »

Your Filling: A Better Christmas Gift Than You Realize!

You might not be too enthusiastic about the idea of gifting yourself a dental filling for the holidays. However, our Cleveland, TX team likes to remind our patients that taking care of tooth decay and getting your smile back in good working order (and back to its previous state of beauty) is often a powerful… Read more »

Cavities: Who Should Worry About Getting Them?

You may wonder if you are on the list of people who should worry about getting a cavity. The truth is, our Cleveland, TX team would much prefer it if you weren’t worried about your smile but instead felt empowered and proactive about keeping it healthy! However, whatever words you use to express your concern… Read more »