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Is My Smile Actually Clean?

You may feel like you’re going through the motions with cleaning your smile. However, you may wonder from time to time: Is my smile actually clean? The reason it’s so important that you can answer this question with a, “Yes” is because the only way to maintain your oral health is to maintain a clean… Read more »

How To Keep Floss Ever-Present This Holiday Season

You might realize that there’s something about the crazy business that happens over the holiday season that can quickly cause you to take a major detour away from your usual dental hygiene. While finding a way to remind yourself to brush isn’t always too hard, you know that you are guilty of having completely turned… Read more »

Smile-Centered Stocking Stuffers 2018

Maybe you’ve already purchased every member of your family a very special electric toothbrush but you want to go just a bit further with the oral health related gifts. Perhaps you simply want to come up with things that will help your loved ones get through Christmas without accidentally ending up contributing to smile problems!… Read more »

Cavities: Who Should Worry About Getting Them?

You may wonder if you are on the list of people who should worry about getting a cavity. The truth is, our Cleveland, TX team would much prefer it if you weren’t worried about your smile but instead felt empowered and proactive about keeping it healthy! However, whatever words you use to express your concern… Read more »

Smile Cleaning: Are You As Thorough As Possible?

When someone asks you how well you care for your smile and if you clean it thoroughly, you may feel fairly confident that you’re doing an outstanding job! However, what if you just think that you’re a super cleanser but you’re missing lots of plaque, many areas of your smile, and as a result you’re… Read more »

Simple Reasons You Keep Dropping Your Floss

Yes, it seems like after a lifetime of using dental floss, you would be a pro by now. However, if you’re like many of our patients who use floss on and off, then you may not have reached quite the expert level you’d like to have attained! Part of the reason may have something to… Read more »

Simple Facts About Harmful Oral Bacteria

You know that there are all types of bacteria in your mouth. You know, too, that some of them are harmful and that they can lead to problems like cavities and gum disease, which is why we encourage you to practice smile health protection every day with efforts like brushing and flossing. While you may… Read more »

3 Things To Remember: About Your Plaque Removal!

We know that the second you start hearing our Cleveland, TX team (or anyone for that matter) talk about plaque removal, you might completely zone out. You’ve heard it before, you know that plaque is bad, and you know you should be brushing and flossing! Of course, you know these things but … do you… Read more »