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Why You Really Want To Avoid Flossing (But Shouldn’t)

How has your day been today? How about your week? “How are things going in general?” you’re wondering. Actually, what our Cleveland, TX team would really like to know is: How’s that flossing going and do you feel wonderful about it? Or, do you feel like you’d really love to toss your dental floss out… Read more »

Toothbrushes: Tiring Decision Making Made Easy! 

Figuring out which toothbrush to select doesn’t seem extremely difficult. That is, until you’re looking at what feels like about a thousand different options. You feel fortunate to have access to nearly any type of dental hygiene item you could possibly ever hope to acquire, and all within your local drugstore. However, just reaching for… Read more »

Water: Times You Really Need To Rinse (Or Drink Up!) 

It is certainly not lost on you that water is something that is classified as “good” for your smile health. You know that you are free to drink it whenever you wish because it cannot harm your oral health but instead has beneficial properties. However, as for when it’s actually very important to rinse your… Read more »

Flossing Benefits: A Much-Needed Lightning Round!

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up solely in what you really want to do versus what you don’t feel like doing, rather than considering the why behind accomplishing that particular task. When it comes to flossing your smile as part of your daily smile care, for instance, you may decide that you’re not really… Read more »

The Gingivitis Rundown: Essentials To Remember! 

If gingivitis isn’t something you can exactly rattle off lots of facts about, in terms of keeping your smile very healthy, then now is probably a very good time to allow our Cleveland, TX team to help you take care of that! Why, you wonder? Well, just like other issues, such as tooth decay, that… Read more »

Things That Can Ruin An Otherwise Awesome Hygiene Session

When you’re brushing your smile and then you floss, and you get everything nice and clean, you should be able to finish this dental hygiene experience with a smile on your face! You should feel successful, accomplished, and you should be able to then simply move on with your day with the knowledge that you’re… Read more »

Right Or Wrong? Your Brushing Knowledge!

Your brushing knowledge: Is it right? Or, is it wrong? Are you on track with the things that you think you should be doing or are you close but not quite accurate? Remember that when you have all of the information you need to complete a job well done with your dental hygiene, you can… Read more »

Your Smile Health: Do I Need To Brush More?

One of those natural questions patients tend to come up with in terms of their dental hygiene follows: Do I need to brush my teeth more? This might include the frequency with which you brush on a daily basis or the length of time you spend during each session. As for whether or not the… Read more »