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How to Make Sure You Benefit from Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons why tooth extraction is only recommended when it’s absolutely necessary. In most cases, it’s preferable to restore a tooth and preserve as much of its remaining healthy, natural structure as possible. If tooth extraction has become necessary, it means that restoring the tooth is no longer possible. Yet, it also means… Read more »

What a Toothache Usually Means

The problem with having a toothache is that, in many cases, you might not know exactly what it means. Perhaps you have a cavity or more serious tooth decay to contend with. Or, perhaps the tooth’s enamel is just a little weaker than it should be. Though there can be many different causes for a… Read more »

Things You Might Not Know Lead to Tooth Loss

When you stick with it consistently, protecting your smile and maintaining your good oral health is a relatively simple process. The basic principles of a good dental hygiene routine – namely, keeping your teeth and gums clean of oral bacteria – and the regular professional care you get from routine checkups and cleanings can often… Read more »

Reasons That Adults Still Need Checkups

If having a checkup sounds juvenile or like something that only children need, your feelings aren’t uncommon- but they are misinformed. While children benefit greatly from regular dentist visits to make sure that they are developing properly and to ward off cavities, these visits are just as important for adults. In today’s blog, your Cleveland,… Read more »

How To Plan For Your 2020 Dream Smile! 

As with lots of other plans you may be coming up with for the impending new year, you’re likely realizing that some amount of smart, streamlined planning is going to have to come into play, if you’re hoping to reach the finish line. When managing to transform your current smile into your dream smile occupies… Read more »

That Sensitivity Factor You’re So Over: Make It Stop! 

The very first pop, zing, or squiggle of discomfort you find yourself experiencing with smile sensitivity is certainly not enjoyable but it can also appear as a bit of a novelty. You get to tell your friends and family about this weird sensation you experienced, as everyone reminisces about that time that they experienced a… Read more »

Toothbrushes: Tiring Decision Making Made Easy! 

Figuring out which toothbrush to select doesn’t seem extremely difficult. That is, until you’re looking at what feels like about a thousand different options. You feel fortunate to have access to nearly any type of dental hygiene item you could possibly ever hope to acquire, and all within your local drugstore. However, just reaching for… Read more »

Dental Crowns: 4 Very Helpful R-Words! 

Dental crowns are often a restorative care treatment that trips up our patients in terms of what they can expect. On one hand, you may feel extremely concerned about how your tooth and entire smile is going to look after placement. On the other hand, our Cleveland, TX team knows that you may become more… Read more »

Overexposure To Sugar And Acids: Moments You Overlook! 

No, of course we would never think that you’re intentionally overexposing your smile to sugars and acids. Even when you’re consuming candy or soda, our Cleveland, TX team recognizes that you’re doing so because you’re enjoying the indulgence. Not because you’re looking for ways to damage your oral health. Unfortunately, we are also more than… Read more »