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Autumn: 3 Smile Details To Consider Right This Moment

Here we are! It’s the most exceptionally cozy time of the entire year! It’s not so cold that you’re shivering, it’s not sweltering, and you’re shocked that summer weather has finally broken and you’re not perspiring either! What you are doing is getting excited about the gentle shift in temperatures that comprises what we call… Read more »

Is Your Snacking Style Your Smile Problem?

Have you ever really thought about the way that you snack? Not necessarily just the exact foods that you are snacking on but that you may also have a particular style that’s negatively impacting your smile, rather than supporting it? When it comes to smile health, as you have likely recognized, there’s quite a lot… Read more »

Not To Worry: That’s How Lots Of Smiles Look! 

You may feel used to the way your smile looks because, well, you’ve been looking at that feature for your entire life! However, when the moment comes that you notice something you never really noticed before, it can be quite alarming. You may wonder: Does everyone’s smile look like my smile? Is mine different, unusual,… Read more »

Routine Professional Cleanings: Why, When, And More! 

If you spend any amount of time reviewing the care your smile needs in order to remain in exceptionally good health, then one of the first particulars that comes up includes preventive care, which is made up of dental hygiene at home, as well as routine professional care. You may take this information in and file… Read more »

The Gingivitis Rundown: Essentials To Remember! 

If gingivitis isn’t something you can exactly rattle off lots of facts about, in terms of keeping your smile very healthy, then now is probably a very good time to allow our Cleveland, TX team to help you take care of that! Why, you wonder? Well, just like other issues, such as tooth decay, that… Read more »

4 Basic, Frustrating Side Effects Of Decay

When tooth decay develops, you already know that this is bad news because it means your oral health has been compromised to a certain degree. With that said, we remind you that there are also some other side effects to worry about that may prove extremely frustrating! The silver lining in this cavity cloud? Our… Read more »

What Are Your Smile Care Wants?

As you know, there are smile care needs, such as keeping your oral health safe with preventive care or restorative treatments … and there are wants, such as making your smile look better! So, while you may spend the bulk of your time focusing on what it absolutely necessary for keeping your teeth, gums, and… Read more »

3 Ways To Make Smile Care More Enjoyable

Not feeling like your smile care is something you would classify as enjoyable at the moment? Don’t worry: You’re not alone! We meet with lots of patients at our Cleveland, TX practice who tend to think of protecting their oral health as a bit of a rote chore. While you most certainly do need to… Read more »

Past, Present, Future: Time And Your Smile Care 

When you’re practicing your smile care, it’s easy to get caught up in guilt about the past, distraction in the present moment, and worry about the future. You may find that instead of finding it easy to just move forward with excellent intentions that you put into action, you feel you’ve lost your footing. Not… Read more »