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Smile Problems That Can Go Unseen By You

There’s a common and inaccurate assumption amongst many dental patients that if something is wrong with one’s oral health, it will become visible. Or, it will at the very least become obvious in some way. However, our Cleveland, TX team is here to offer you one very important reminder: This isn’t always the case! As… Read more »

Write It Down! Making Smile Care Easy.

You may feel like a walking storage tank for information. What you hear, you remember. When there’s a date that you need to keep, you’ve got it! Then again…you may feel like you’re not always really the best at remembering to follow through on things like dental visits. You may have run out of toothpaste… Read more »

4 Easy Changes To Make Today: For Your Smile

When you think about your smile health, you may realize you could be doing things just a little bit better. However, you may have a hard time taking a bigger picture look at your daily oral health habits in such a way that you can pick out little issues that may be leaving a negative… Read more »

Questions To Ask If Fillings Make You Nervous

If you’ve had a filling before at a different practice, if this is going to be your very first dental filling, etc., for some, this treatment leads to the sensation of a stomach full of butterflies! Of course, from our Cleveland, TX team’s perspective, we can very quickly respond to you by saying that there’s… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Products: 4 Reasons To Really Stock Up

You’re certainly not against the idea of having your cabinets fully stocked (if not slightly over-stocked) with dental hygiene products. However, you may find yourself asking if there’s really any serious benefit to ensuring you always have more toothpaste, dental floss, and toothbrushes on hand than you need in any given moment. Of course, you… Read more »

4 Truths About Toothpaste You’re Missing

There are so many truths in the world, most of which will offer you those little morsels of information that can be truly transforming for your life! If you never thought you’d be seeking out universal facts that might impact your toothpaste and dental hygiene, well … here you are! Though it may never have… Read more »

Easter Favorites And Your Smile: Safe Or Unsafe?

The fun and pastel-hued side of Easter is one that includes lots of buoyant springtime happiness! There’s the fluffy sweetness of marshmallow treats, the beautiful blossoms that sway in the breeze as the kiddos collect eggs, and more! While this all sounds delightful, you are still ever-aware of the fact that lots of candy and… Read more »

Covering Up Smile Stains: 4 Things To Know

When you’re experiencing any type of smile stain, your first thought may be that your solution is going to include teeth whitening. While this is often the case for may patients and many types of discoloration, it is not always what you require. Did you know that we offer comprehensive cosmetic care in order to… Read more »

How To Make Tooth Decay Go Away (For Good)

Tooth decay is no joke, no laughing matter, and no fun. Instead, it can cause toothaches, it can lead to infection and the destruction of your tooth, and it can develop even when you’re sort-of caring for your smile. So, what’s a well-meaning dental patient to do, you wonder, when you are absolutely ready to… Read more »

Cleveland Livestock Show & Dairy Day 2019

The temperatures are on the rise in Texas and when it comes to springtime fun, that’s a reminder of just one thing: The Cleveland Livestock Show & Dairy Day! This annual event is quickly approaching, so remember to mark your calendars, clear some time for a ton of family-friendly fun, and put on your best… Read more »