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Emergency Dental Care: Make Sure You’re Ready

Nope, we certainly don’t hope that you ever need to call us for an emergency dental care visit. However, if you end up finding yourself in a moment during which you need our care and you need it right now, we would like you to be ready, rather than frantically scrambling to remember information and… Read more »

What To Do If You Break A Tooth

There are a lot of things you may feel very prepared for. However, are you certain about what to do if you end up with a broken tooth? No? That’s okay! It’s something you will quickly memorize, so you can respond in an instant. Of course, we hope this is information you never need to… Read more »

FAQs: Food Stuck Between Teeth

You know when you get food stuck between your teeth and you feel frantic to get it out? Yep. It’s a common dilemma. It is also something that may occur on a broad spectrum. Sometimes, you can swish water and use your tongue to clear the debris. Other times, achieving success does not come quite… Read more »

Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic!

You don’t need us to tell you that prevention is the best plan for dealing with a dental emergency. A mouthguard should be in place during any contact sport, or during activities where falling or collision is a possibility. Prevention means not ignoring early signs of dental trouble, hoping things will get better on their… Read more »

Don’t Worry, You Can Receive Emergency Dental Care!

There’s nothing scarier than suddenly noticing you broke your tooth or realizing discomfort you thought would go away is getting worse. On the flip side of that experience, there are few things more relieving than realizing emergency dental care is only a few steps away. So, when the unexpected occurs and you’re in need of… Read more »