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3 Ways To Recognize National Children’s Dental Health Month

Good news! February, in addition to other things (oh, such as Valentine’s Day) is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This may be music to your ears, especially when you consider the fact that your little ones may have some very big plans of gobbling down loads of heart-shaped candies come February 14th! So, what does… Read more »

Kids and Toothpaste: A Quiz

Keeping young teeth healthy is important….even if those teeth will eventually fall out. Baby teeth help adult teeth find their proper place, and can help set the stage for attractive and functional smiles through teen years, and into adulthood. Young hands may need help with brushing techniques, and children will take their cues from the… Read more »

Sealants: Things That May Really Surprise You!

You might think you know quite a lot about dental sealants and you might even be right! When you’re up to date and well informed regarding dental care for your child, chances are quite good that you’ve done some investigating. As you know, sealants keep bad stuff like bacteria from making their way into little… Read more »

Quick Talk: Dental Sealant Basics

You probably have a firm understanding at this point that dental sealants provide benefits for your children’s oral health. This is all well and good and sounds fantastic, of course. However, as a patient, what you really want and need is to understand what sealants will entail, why your child needs them, and what to… Read more »

Children’s Smiles: Some Fantastic Resolutions

Do you have resolutions all mapped out for yourself for 2018? Have you come up with anything as it applies to your children? If you’re including things that you’d like to do that will make caring for your little ones easier, we most certainly have some suggestions to add to the list in regard to… Read more »

Children And Toothpaste: Helpful Reminders

Good news! When you’re trying very hard to promote excellent oral health habits for your kids but you’re finding that you’re out of tips, we are here to help. From choosing the best products that make your kids smile to using the right amount of toothpaste, we are more than happy to offer helpful reminders… Read more »

Baby Teeth: A Q&A Session

What to make of those adorable baby teeth in your child’s smile, you wonder? As you know, they will start to fall out at some point, usually around the time your child is five years of age. So, with that in mind, you might feel a bit conflicted regarding the significance of dental care for… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Care For Your Kids In College

When your kids finish packing up, head to the dorms, and then you realize they’re actually all grown up, one thing that hits you suddenly includes the following question: What about their smile health? Who does what at this point? They’re not actually living 100 percent independent lives, they have never scheduled a dental visit… Read more »

Dental Sealants: Quizzing Your Knowledge

When you think that you should probably get moving on dental sealants for your child but you don’t actually feel completely confident about them, there’s a problem! You need more information, of course. To get your headed in the right direction, our quiz will most certainly help. We also encourage you to give us a… Read more »