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When Grinding Your Teeth Should Concern You

The thing about grinding your teeth is that it may or may not be a significant concern to your oral health, depending on several factors. For instance, if it doesn’t really occur often, and it doesn’t affect your healthy tooth structure over the years, then your occasional habit of grinding your teeth may be nothing… Read more »

Tips to Stop Teeth-Grinding Before You Seek Treatment

When most people think of teeth-grinding, at least in the context of it being harmful, the most common concern that comes to mind is bruxism. A chronic condition that causes you to grind your teeth consistently, bruxism can often lead to a wide range of oral health concerns. This is why many people who know… Read more »

Finding the Cause of Your Teeth-Grinding Habit

A lot of things might surprise you about teeth-grinding. For instance, for some people, it isn’t something they can always control, or that they’re even always aware of. Such constant teeth-grinding, known as bruxism, can also be the cause of one or more different underlying issues that you may or may not be aware of…. Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Teeth-Grinding

Constant teeth-grinding, or bruxism, isn’t something that everyone has to deal with. For many people, it only occurs as a nervous tic or as a reaction to heightened stress. For others, however, it might be the telltale sign of bruxism – a condition that causes you to unconsciously grind your teeth together. At our Cleveland,… Read more »

Things You Might Not Know About Your Bruxism Habit

Not everyone who has bruxism (chronic teeth-grinding) knows that they have it. That’s because the consistent grinding that marks the condition occurs subconsciously throughout the day, and often, throughout the night. However, the symptoms of bruxism can become obvious before long if it’s left untreated. At our Cleveland, TX, dental office, we can help you… Read more »

Why Bruxism Disorder Doesn’t Have To Be Upsetting

No, nobody wants to find out that there’s something not going correctly in terms of oral health. However, our Cleveland, TX team wants you to remember that when you discover you require dental treatment for an issue, this isn’t a reason to become upset! Instead, it’s a relief to know you have dental care on… Read more »

Smile Sounds: How To React If You Recently Heard…

You know that your smile sometimes feels different than it usually does. It may look different from time to time, as well. However, if you suddenly notice that it sounds different, this may come as quite a shock! What to think about changes in terms of noises that are emanating from your mouth, you wonder?… Read more »

Smile Care: Things We May Find Before You Can

Did you know that one of the reasons you come in for your dental checkups, two times every single year, is because there are some things that we are often able to find before you will notice them? This is extremely important because detecting these oral health issues right when they start to form is… Read more »

The Lowdown On Chewy Foods: Beware!

Yes, there is something to be said for the fun that occurs when you indulge in chewy foods. They take longer to eat, they are often delicious and sweet, and they just might be something you love to consume! However, though they’re not all culprits in causing oral health problems, most items that are super-chewy… Read more »

Common Dental Care Confusion: Same Or Different?

When you’re talking about your dental care, your oral health, and your needs in general, you might find that it’s easy to become confused in certain situations. If you guessed that you’re the only one, for instance, that cannot seem to distinguish between dental bonding and dental contouring, guess again! For some reason, certain smile… Read more »