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Helping You Describe Your Toothache

There’s no question about it: You have a toothache. However, when we do question you about it, are you going to be able to give us an in-depth explanation about the type of discomfort you’re experiencing? Or, do you realize that aside from saying, “It hurts!” you aren’t really full of helpful adjectives at the… Read more »

Past, Present, Future: Time And Your Smile Care 

When you’re practicing your smile care, it’s easy to get caught up in guilt about the past, distraction in the present moment, and worry about the future. You may find that instead of finding it easy to just move forward with excellent intentions that you put into action, you feel you’ve lost your footing. Not… Read more »

Put A Stop To Secret Smile Damage

Did you know that you might be damaging your smile as we speak but because you’re not aware of what’s going on, you may not even realize what’s happening? Are you worried because you think to yourself that if it’s in secret, then how are you supposed to ever figure out what’s going on? The… Read more »

Smile Time: Things To Keep Within Reach When…

You’re not always going to be able to casually run to your restroom, take advantage of the full collection of dental hygiene items you have, and then get your smile nice and clean! In addition, sometimes, you’re supposed to be done with caring for your smile for the day (hint, hint: when you get into… Read more »

4 Ways To Say Goodbye To Dry Mouth!

When you figure out what’s going on with your smile and the answer is dry mouth, it’s a relief to have a term to put to the issue! You get a nice definition to come along with it, too, which is essentially that your mouth is lacking the saliva (or saliva production) to keep your… Read more »

Up Next: Teeth Whitening? Or Not?

Are you excited when you think about what it could mean for you to follow through on teeth whitening? Have you kicked around the idea of brightening up your smile but as for whether or not it’s up next in your life, the only response you can seem to muster up is to shrug your… Read more »

What If I Need A Deep Cleaning?

You may feel worried when you discover that you need a deep cleaning instead of the traditional cleaning that you usually receive. First, of course, this is new to you, so you aren’t sure what to expect and your mind begins running wild with all sorts of ideas that make you feel ready to bolt,… Read more »

Is My Dentist Judging Me?

Ah, yes. Feeling judged is certainly not a nice feeling in the least! However, this may be exactly how you feel when you think about coming to see our Cleveland, TX team for the dental checkups, cleanings, and more that you receive in order to promote a smile that’s incredibly healthy (and that looks lovely… Read more »