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Breath Problems: Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you walking around in your daily life, wondering what to do about your bad breath? Are you well aware that you’ve surpassed the occasional yucky breath that shows up as a result of the last meal you ate and you have entered dealing with chronic foul breath? If so, then it is high time… Read more »

Smile Cleaning: Are You As Thorough As Possible?

When someone asks you how well you care for your smile and if you clean it thoroughly, you may feel fairly confident that you’re doing an outstanding job! However, what if you just think that you’re a super cleanser but you’re missing lots of plaque, many areas of your smile, and as a result you’re… Read more »

Smile Damage: It’s The Pits!

There are, of course, many things that our Cleveland, TX team could warn you against this Thanksgiving! From acidic foods and drinks to foods that can get stuck between your teeth, there are certainly things to watch out for (mostly that you are already educated on, of course). However, we would like to focus today… Read more »

3 Things You Should Always Remember About Biting Your Nails

We could just say, “You should stop biting your nails because it’s bad!” to you. However, you’ve probably heard this before. You may tell yourself this quite frequently. However, the “it’s bad” thing might not really be quite enough motivation to convince you to gather up the willpower to keep your nails out of your… Read more »

A Few Things To Remember About Your Smile … And Ice!

It’s perfectly natural to find yourself thinking ice is a smart choice when you’re looking for a healthy snack. After all, it doesn’t contain any calories, it’s refreshing, you know that water is good for your smile, and it takes a while to eat: What could be wrong with this option, you wonder? Well, actually,… Read more »

Strong Teeth: 3 Things That Make A Difference

There are lots of things that help you maintain your oral health and very strong teeth. You might quickly be able to come up with some of them on your own (such as using fluoridated toothpaste). However, you may not recognize that there are also some other details you’re overlooking, which contribute greatly! Spend a… Read more »

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Dry Lips!

When you’re noticing that your lips are quite dry, you may wonder what to do. You probably ask yourself why it’s happening and if you should be changing something, so your previously pristine pout is no longer akin to sandpaper. Fortunately, there are often some very easy things you can do to stop the dryness… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment: 4 Ways It Protects Your Life

There are many ways that sleep apnea treatment can make you feel better, help you feel relieved, and that it can actually help your life. While you may have some immediate ideas of what this may entail, there may also be those details you are completely overlooking (that are also completely important for you to… Read more »