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How To Plan For Your 2020 Dream Smile! 

As with lots of other plans you may be coming up with for the impending new year, you’re likely realizing that some amount of smart, streamlined planning is going to have to come into play, if you’re hoping to reach the finish line. When managing to transform your current smile into your dream smile occupies… Read more »

3 Smart Reasons to Reschedule A Checkup

This is something you won’t encounter very often: discussion of when to reschedule a dental checkup. Usually your family dentist in Cleveland, TX is reminding you of the importance of keeping to your scheduled checkups and cleanings. Establishing a preventive routine is the best way for most people to know their dental health is being… Read more »

Cleveland Hometown Christmas 2019! 

Hometown Christmas is finally here! You’ve waited all year long for another round of this beloved Cleveland, TX favorite that seems to get cozier and more enjoyable year after year. So, pull out those winter duds you’ve kept stored away, call up your friends, give the kiddos a quick reminder, and decide who’s driving and… Read more »

That Sensitivity Factor You’re So Over: Make It Stop! 

The very first pop, zing, or squiggle of discomfort you find yourself experiencing with smile sensitivity is certainly not enjoyable but it can also appear as a bit of a novelty. You get to tell your friends and family about this weird sensation you experienced, as everyone reminisces about that time that they experienced a… Read more »

It’s Back! The Kids’ Christmas Coloring Contest For 2019! 

Does your little one happen to have quite a talent for coloring? Perhaps keeping those crayons within the lines and coming up with amazing color schemes is something for which your son or daughter has quite the talent! Whether your child loves an over-the-top approach to coloring or a very refined, gentle style, the upcoming… Read more »

3 Ways To Brag About Your Root Canal 

Wait a second you might be thinking to yourself … brag about my root canal treatment? Yes, that’s right. In the midst of wondering how you ended up with a damaged tooth that requires intensive restorative care, potentially feeling a bit unsure about the treatment, and more, you may have overlooked this very important factor:… Read more »

Why You Really Want To Avoid Flossing (But Shouldn’t)

How has your day been today? How about your week? “How are things going in general?” you’re wondering. Actually, what our Cleveland, TX team would really like to know is: How’s that flossing going and do you feel wonderful about it? Or, do you feel like you’d really love to toss your dental floss out… Read more »

Calling All Cooks For Hometown Christmas! 

Are you a huge fan of our annual Hometown Christmas in our Cleveland, TX community? If you’re laughing because of course you are, we understand! With that said, remember that the delicious food you look forward to every year is only made possible by community members who sign up as food vendors, so the celebration… Read more »

Toothbrushes: Tiring Decision Making Made Easy! 

Figuring out which toothbrush to select doesn’t seem extremely difficult. That is, until you’re looking at what feels like about a thousand different options. You feel fortunate to have access to nearly any type of dental hygiene item you could possibly ever hope to acquire, and all within your local drugstore. However, just reaching for… Read more »