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Is Your Snacking Style Your Smile Problem?

Have you ever really thought about the way that you snack? Not necessarily just the exact foods that you are snacking on but that you may also have a particular style that’s negatively impacting your smile, rather than supporting it? When it comes to smile health, as you have likely recognized, there’s quite a lot… Read more »

2019 City Of Cleveland Fall Festival 

Is there anything more absolutely refreshing, over-the-top cozy, or enchanting than the official start of fall after what always feels like a long, hot summer? Well, while the temperatures may still be hovering in the 80s, it’s certainly cooler than it was! With that said, with a little bit of anticipation, a lot of excitement… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Ways You Trick Yourself Into Missing Out! 

You know that we offer Invisalign treatment at our Cleveland, TX practice. However, even though you see it on our menu of services and you may have even heard us mention it, there may be some reasons you’re not actively seeking it out for yourself (even though you would really like to be doing so)…. Read more »

Things You Might Not Know About Your Bruxism Habit

Not everyone who has bruxism (chronic teeth-grinding) knows that they have it. That’s because the consistent grinding that marks the condition occurs subconsciously throughout the day, and often, throughout the night. However, the symptoms of bruxism can become obvious before long if it’s left untreated. At our Cleveland, TX, dental office, we can help you… Read more »

Restorative Care: Gain Motivation By Reflecting On Time

As you well know, when you are introduced to a new way of looking at something you’ve never felt very confident about before … and you really like this new perspective … it can offer you serious dose of relief! So, when the topic of the day is the restorative care that you need, our… Read more »

Not To Worry: That’s How Lots Of Smiles Look! 

You may feel used to the way your smile looks because, well, you’ve been looking at that feature for your entire life! However, when the moment comes that you notice something you never really noticed before, it can be quite alarming. You may wonder: Does everyone’s smile look like my smile? Is mine different, unusual,… Read more »

Routine Professional Cleanings: Why, When, And More! 

If you spend any amount of time reviewing the care your smile needs in order to remain in exceptionally good health, then one of the first particulars that comes up includes preventive care, which is made up of dental hygiene at home, as well as routine professional care. You may take this information in and file… Read more »

National Cleanup Day 2019

Did you know that there’s a day in September dedicated solely to cleaning up? It’s called National Cleanup Day and if you haven’t heard of it but you are definitely on board with doing all that you can to ensure our Cleveland, TX community remains a clean, safe spot in the world, then now is… Read more »

Contouring Clarification Creates Confidence!

It’s one thing to have a general understanding of the fact that you have access to cosmetic dental care, which can help you when you aren’t feeling like your smile looks as amazing as it possibly could! It’s quite another, however, to actually delve more deeply into the particular treatments available to you, as you… Read more »

Why Bruxism Disorder Doesn’t Have To Be Upsetting

No, nobody wants to find out that there’s something not going correctly in terms of oral health. However, our Cleveland, TX team wants you to remember that when you discover you require dental treatment for an issue, this isn’t a reason to become upset! Instead, it’s a relief to know you have dental care on… Read more »