Monthly Archives: June 2019

4th Of July Celebration 2019

Of course, as the 4th of July draws near, you and your kids have one thing on your mind: An amazing fireworks show, time spent outdoors once the sun is setting, and an unforgettable celebration! As you might have guessed, our Cleveland, TX community is putting on a delightful event that the whole family can… Read more »

Right Or Wrong? Your Brushing Knowledge!

Your brushing knowledge: Is it right? Or, is it wrong? Are you on track with the things that you think you should be doing or are you close but not quite accurate? Remember that when you have all of the information you need to complete a job well done with your dental hygiene, you can… Read more »

4 Ways To Say Goodbye To Dry Mouth!

When you figure out what’s going on with your smile and the answer is dry mouth, it’s a relief to have a term to put to the issue! You get a nice definition to come along with it, too, which is essentially that your mouth is lacking the saliva (or saliva production) to keep your… Read more »

Healthy Summer Meals For Kids: Kids Eat Free!

Don’t let breakfast and lunch for your kiddos become a worry, as you kick off the summer season! Instead, remember that Healthy Summer Meals For Kids is a program in our Cleveland, TX community that will make two meals a day a breeze as summer vacation heads into full swing. Learn more about this kids… Read more »

Up Next: Teeth Whitening? Or Not?

Are you excited when you think about what it could mean for you to follow through on teeth whitening? Have you kicked around the idea of brightening up your smile but as for whether or not it’s up next in your life, the only response you can seem to muster up is to shrug your… Read more »

Cleveland Outdoor Expo 2019

Where is your favorite place to spend time? If you answered outdoors, then you will probably not want to miss out on this upcoming Cleveland, TX community event! It’s the Outdoor Expo, of course, which means enjoying all things centered around fun that takes place in nature! Gather up the family, get ready to spend… Read more »

What If I Need A Deep Cleaning?

You may feel worried when you discover that you need a deep cleaning instead of the traditional cleaning that you usually receive. First, of course, this is new to you, so you aren’t sure what to expect and your mind begins running wild with all sorts of ideas that make you feel ready to bolt,… Read more »

Cosmetic Reminders For The Summer Season

You might have had some serious momentum going throughout winter, during which you told yourself you would definitely come in to see our Cleveland, TX team about cosmetic care once spring arrived. However, the flowers have bloomed, the bees are buzzing, and you have yet to step foot in our practice to talk about how… Read more »

Summer Reading Program: Community Kickoff 2019!

Hooray! School’s out and summer is here, and you know what that means! It means it’s time for some amazing, summer reading fun with our Cleveland, TX community’s Summer Reading Program! What better way to usher in the summer fun and all of your favorite books than with the Community Kick Off event? Don’t miss… Read more »