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June Cleveland Trade Days: Father’s Day Edition

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s true. Didn’t realize that it was nearly summer already, either? Fortunately, you can get all caught up on planning some warm weather fun, making sure you’ve planned something cool for Dad, and making shopping super easy when you attend our Cleveland, TX June… Read more »

Is My Dentist Judging Me?

Ah, yes. Feeling judged is certainly not a nice feeling in the least! However, this may be exactly how you feel when you think about coming to see our Cleveland, TX team for the dental checkups, cleanings, and more that you receive in order to promote a smile that’s incredibly healthy (and that looks lovely… Read more »

Public Hearing: Hurricane Preparedness

In our Cleveland, TX community, we are certainly well aware of how important it is to be prepared for hurricane season. As the season is nearly here, we know that being informed and having a place to ask your questions and to receive reliable answers can help you feel much better about your what to… Read more »

Smile Care: Things We May Find Before You Can

Did you know that one of the reasons you come in for your dental checkups, two times every single year, is because there are some things that we are often able to find before you will notice them? This is extremely important because detecting these oral health issues right when they start to form is… Read more »

Warm Weather And Dental Emergencies: Remember This!

While some of the country is still waiting for warmer weather to show up, in Cleveland, TX, it has already arrived, of course! With that said, we know that all of the fun that this relaxing weather brings puts a big smile on your face! However, it can actually bring about some hazards that can… Read more »

Welcome Reception: New CISD Superintendent

Do you have kids in school? Have you caught wind of the recent change going on in Cleveland ISD? Hint: A new superintendent is in town and his name is Mr. Chris Trotter! If you’re always happy to meet new faces and to keep up with what’s happening within your child’s school system, then the… Read more »

The Lowdown On Chewy Foods: Beware!

Yes, there is something to be said for the fun that occurs when you indulge in chewy foods. They take longer to eat, they are often delicious and sweet, and they just might be something you love to consume! However, though they’re not all culprits in causing oral health problems, most items that are super-chewy… Read more »

Common Dental Care Confusion: Same Or Different?

When you’re talking about your dental care, your oral health, and your needs in general, you might find that it’s easy to become confused in certain situations. If you guessed that you’re the only one, for instance, that cannot seem to distinguish between dental bonding and dental contouring, guess again! For some reason, certain smile… Read more »

Keep Texas Beautiful: Litter Prevention Artwork Submissions

Do you have a child in kindergarten through 12th grade? From little ones to teens, all are welcome to submit artwork to be displayed in the Don’t Mess With Texas Calendar! This friendly statewide competition is held through a collaboration with Keep Texas Beautiful and the Texas Department of Transportation, so your Cleveland, TX student… Read more »

Things To Change Once You Get A Cavity

Once you get a cavity, you may think of it as “the final straw.” You know that you haven’t been taking the very best care of your smile, so now that you have tooth decay and you will need to see us for a dental filling, you’re ready to change your ways! Only, you might… Read more »