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What Restoring Your Smile Can Entail

You probably know that our Cleveland, TX practice can help you when your smile isn’t exactly in great shape at the moment, which means you’re a wonderful candidate for help through restorative dental care! It’s always quite reassuring to realize you have a place to go, where you can restore your oral health through comfortable,… Read more »

Cosmetic Changes: Once They’re Here, Are They Here To Stay?

You may ask yourself when you’re having serious thoughts about committing to any type of cosmetic dentistry whether it’s going to be worth the effort because you wonder if the results will last. While we would love to say that any cosmetic treatment you choose will provide you with results that never fade or change… Read more »

3 Ways To Recognize National Children’s Dental Health Month

Good news! February, in addition to other things (oh, such as Valentine’s Day) is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This may be music to your ears, especially when you consider the fact that your little ones may have some very big plans of gobbling down loads of heart-shaped candies come February 14th! So, what does… Read more »

The Great Benjamins Circus

Calling all circus enthusiasts! If you’ve never seen The Great Benjamins Circus before, then are you in for a treat! This traveling circus will be stopping in our Cleveland, TX community to put on a memorable show, including just about everything you’d hope for from such an act, so gather up your friends and family,… Read more »

Justin Timberlake Concert 2019

Are you a huge Justin Timberlake fan? Perhaps you have never actually come out and said it but you do happen to listen to quite a lot of his music! Wherever you land on the enthusiasm spectrum for this pop star, you should know that he is on tour and is heading to a venue… Read more »

Invisalign: Addressing Things That Confuse Patients

There’s a world of interesting information to be soaked up in regard to Invisalign treatment. That is, there are many facts we can share with you about choosing clear aligner trays to straighten your smile that will probably cause you to feel pretty excited about this treatment. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to become confused about… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth: Avoidance, Treatment, Protection

Oh no! You have a chipped tooth and now your smile looks like something bad has happened, instead of looking lovely, serene, and uniform. What are you to do, you wonder? The good news here is that in most instances, chipping is esthetic, meaning it affects the way your smile looks but is not negatively… Read more »

Why You’re Not A Perfect Whitening Candidate (And What’s Next)

If you’re absolutely ready for a whiter smile but the thing is … you aren’t sure the type of cosmetic treatment you need … there may be part of you that just naturally assumes we will recommend teeth whitening. In many instances, this is true! It’s a very accessible, popular, and efficient means of removing… Read more »

Annual Awards Banquet 2019

Who’s who in Cleveland, TX? Which businesses have been truly shining and contributing in our community? If you love being in the know and you hold a special place in your heart for the people and organizations that make up our town, then you will likely want to partake in the upcoming Annual Awards Banquet… Read more »