Monthly Archives: December 2018

Picture With Santa Event!

Have you been meaning to bring your children to see Santa this year but one day leads into the next and you just haven’t taken care of it yet? While this may not seem like the worst thing in the world to you, those kiddos need to tell Santa what they want for Christmas (and… Read more »

Is My Smile Actually Clean?

You may feel like you’re going through the motions with cleaning your smile. However, you may wonder from time to time: Is my smile actually clean? The reason it’s so important that you can answer this question with a, “Yes” is because the only way to maintain your oral health is to maintain a clean… Read more »

How To Keep Floss Ever-Present This Holiday Season

You might realize that there’s something about the crazy business that happens over the holiday season that can quickly cause you to take a major detour away from your usual dental hygiene. While finding a way to remind yourself to brush isn’t always too hard, you know that you are guilty of having completely turned… Read more »

Holiday Suggestions For Denture Wearers!

Are you a patient of ours who wears a full or partial denture? If so, then we know you are serious about your smile and you have already taken the steps required to enjoy a complete smile. However, we also know that even if you have been wearing dentures for many years and are quite… Read more »

Chamber/Green Bank Christmas Open House Party

Ready to kick off the holiday party season? However, there aren’t really any big parties happening for a while? Why not get your feet wet by heading over to the Chamber/Green Bank Christmas Open House Party in our Cleveland, TX community? You’re sure to gather up some holiday spirit (and if you happen to have… Read more »

The 3 H’s: Smile-Related Holiday Harm You Can Avoid!

You probably have a faint idea that we have some suggestions that will help you out during holiday time. However, you may sort of find yourself hoping to avoid them because you don’t want anything to steer you off course from having the lovely, over-the-top wonderful time you enjoy experiencing during Christmastime. Of course, our… Read more »