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Smile Time: How To Avoid Ruining Your Christmas!

Of course, nobody wants to end up with a ruined Christmas! However, when you don’t take some smile related details into account, this is exactly what can happen to you! So, what should you be considering, you wonder, to ensure your Christmas Eve and the joyful moments that follow remain that way … joyful …… Read more »

Breath Problems: Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you walking around in your daily life, wondering what to do about your bad breath? Are you well aware that you’ve surpassed the occasional yucky breath that shows up as a result of the last meal you ate and you have entered dealing with chronic foul breath? If so, then it is high time… Read more »

Smile-Centered Stocking Stuffers 2018

Maybe you’ve already purchased every member of your family a very special electric toothbrush but you want to go just a bit further with the oral health related gifts. Perhaps you simply want to come up with things that will help your loved ones get through Christmas without accidentally ending up contributing to smile problems!… Read more »

Cavities: Who Should Worry About Getting Them?

You may wonder if you are on the list of people who should worry about getting a cavity. The truth is, our Cleveland, TX team would much prefer it if you weren’t worried about your smile but instead felt empowered and proactive about keeping it healthy! However, whatever words you use to express your concern… Read more »

Smile Cleaning: Are You As Thorough As Possible?

When someone asks you how well you care for your smile and if you clean it thoroughly, you may feel fairly confident that you’re doing an outstanding job! However, what if you just think that you’re a super cleanser but you’re missing lots of plaque, many areas of your smile, and as a result you’re… Read more »

Hometown Christmas Event 2018

Ready to spend an entire weekend saying goodbye to November, hello to December, and all while you get excited about Christmas? So is the rest of our Cleveland, TX community! Clear your calendars, call up your loved ones, find something festive to wear, and get ready for the Hometown Christmas event for 2018!

Simple Reasons You Keep Dropping Your Floss

Yes, it seems like after a lifetime of using dental floss, you would be a pro by now. However, if you’re like many of our patients who use floss on and off, then you may not have reached quite the expert level you’d like to have attained! Part of the reason may have something to… Read more »

Let’s Review: Gum Facts To Keep In Mind

When you are someone who wants to do your best for your oral health but you realize you may be missing some very important education, you might not know where to begin. What is it that seems to be causing some confusion? If you answer that you know how to protect your teeth but that… Read more »

Bridges: The Questions You Haven’t Asked (But Should)

It’s one thing, of course, to realize that a dental bridge is probably a more than suitable selection for you once you’ve experienced tooth loss. However, when you have questions that hang about and that remain unanswered, you can often find yourself in a bit of a pickle: You think that a bridge will solve… Read more »

Veterans Day Luncheon 2018

Are you a veteran or the family member of someone who has served our country? If so, you will certainly not want to miss out on our Cleveland, TX community’s upcoming Veterans Day Luncheon for 2018!