Monthly Archives: September 2018

3 Things To Remember: About Your Plaque Removal!

We know that the second you start hearing our Cleveland, TX team (or anyone for that matter) talk about plaque removal, you might completely zone out. You’ve heard it before, you know that plaque is bad, and you know you should be brushing and flossing! Of course, you know these things but … do you… Read more »

Treat Street 2018  

Yes, we know! Halloween is nearly a full month away! However, we also know that for individuals who take this holiday seriously, you need all the time you can get to prep your costume, get your social calendar in check, and get ready for the candy and the fun! So, to ensure you never miss… Read more »

Your Smile: How To Feel Good About Choosing To Whiten

You might like thinking about how your smile will look once it’s whitened. However, there may be things about actually going through the process of choosing to brighten it that cause you some amount of stress. We know that when you’re new to this type of cosmetic care, you might stumble a little as you… Read more »

Fall Festival 2018

Oh, yes! It really is almost time for our community’s annual get together once again to celebrate the cooler weather and turning of the leaves that we all wait to enjoy! It’s the Fall Festival 2018 and it can’t get here soon enough. Don’t forget to attend!

City Of Cleveland Community Meeting September 2018

Feeling a little less than enthusiastic when you drive by properties in our beautiful community that aren’t being kept up? Wondering what can be done about keeping our town looking just as lovely as it really is? Learn more about the details when you visit the upcoming City of Cleveland Community Meeting for September 2018!

Strong Teeth: 3 Things That Make A Difference

There are lots of things that help you maintain your oral health and very strong teeth. You might quickly be able to come up with some of them on your own (such as using fluoridated toothpaste). However, you may not recognize that there are also some other details you’re overlooking, which contribute greatly! Spend a… Read more »

Why Do I Have A Toothache?

Does your tooth hurt? We often see patients in our Cleveland, TX, office that complain about aching teeth. In many cases, the pain could be caused by an oral health issues that requires treatment, such as a cavity or possibly bruxism.