Monthly Archives: July 2018

Bacteria: Why They’re Harmful And What To Do About It

No matter what you do, you’re going to have bacteria in your mouth. The truth is, some of it is good! However, a lot of it is bad. Fortunately, all you need to worry about when it comes to your smile health is following our suggestions for dental hygiene and oral health care. This is… Read more »

Your 2018 Back To School Spectacular!

You may remember this very relieving event from years prior! It’s right in time for the extraordinary amount of prepping, planning, and shopping you’re about to face as we head into the back-to-school portion of the 2018 summer. What’s this all about you ask? The event’s title should give you a hint: It’s the City… Read more »

As Your Wedding Day Approaches: Smile Suggestions

Once you get engaged, everyone always wants to know if you’ve set a date. Whether you have (or haven’t), when you know you’re planning on getting married sometime soon, there are some things that you will most definitely answer “yes” to if we should ask. These questions might include, “Would you like your smile to… Read more »

What Seemingly Insignificant Details Are Holding Your Smile Back?

When you feel like you’re on track, you run through the details of oral health care and you don’t think you’ve left any boxes unticked on your essentials checklist, it can leave you feeling confused if your smile seems not-so-immaculate. Is there something you’re missing that’s leading to an occasional cavity, bad breath, or a… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Keeping Things Clean!

As you know, one of those very exciting details that puts a smile on almost everyone’s face when they learn more about Invisalign treatment is the fact that they come out of your mouth when you need to do things like brush your teeth and floss! So, from the get-go, you know that keeping things… Read more »

Cuff & Hoses Blood Drive

Did you know that individuals on our police force, our firefighters, and others who are the first to respond in our community often donate their blood? As a result, the upcoming Cuff & Hoses Blood Drive is our town’s response to giving thanks for their care, effort, and unyielding protection. Interested in giving blood? Don’t… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Things To Do On Your Own For Improvement

Something you probably expect when you realize that sleep apnea is taking its toll on your life is to come in and receive sleep apnea treatment with us in Cleveland, TX. As a result, you figure that you’ll go home, use the oral appliance we provide, and all will be well. While the appliance can… Read more »

Re-Focusing Your Attention On Your Smile Care

Do you find that somehow, your dental hygiene routine that you once managed to keep up with has suddenly become somewhat of an afterthought? Perhaps it’s something you avoid because trying to focus your attention is just too difficult. Whatever the case, since you know caring for teeth and gums with the very simple suggested… Read more »