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Bring Signs Of TMJ Dysfunction To Your Dentist’s Attention

Spending your days suffering from different aches and pains in your face, neck, and head can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. Your mood, your focus, and your general sense of well-being can all be sapped by chronic discomfort. So what should you do about this problem? One thing you should… Read more »

Struggling To Address Tooth Discoloration? See Your Dentist

When you notice that your smile lacks its previous brightness and whiteness, your first instinct may be to switch to a toothpaste that claims to whiten teeth. You could see what an over the counter whitening kit can do for your appearance, too. When people use these products, they can see some measure of improvement… Read more »

Celebrate July 4th With Friends And Family In Cleveland!

The Fourth Of July is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, enjoy a cookout, and generally make the most of your evening. Of course, it is only appropriate that your evening end with a truly impressive fireworks display! This July 4th, you and your family can witness a true spectacle here… Read more »

Kids and Toothpaste: A Quiz

Keeping young teeth healthy is important….even if those teeth will eventually fall out. Baby teeth help adult teeth find their proper place, and can help set the stage for attractive and functional smiles through teen years, and into adulthood. Young hands may need help with brushing techniques, and children will take their cues from the… Read more »

What To Do For Irritations, Sores, And More

So, you’ve got yourself a canker sore! No, you’ve got a cut. Or, you’ve got some kind of irritation that’s uncomfortable and you’re pretty sure you scraped your gum tissue. Maybe you burned your tongue! There are so many types of little injuries and hurts that can affect your oral health that can cause you… Read more »

Deep Cleanings: Your Perio Care FAQs

So, you need a deep cleaning instead of a traditional cleaning because your gum health is not in peak condition! Not a problem. We provide ultrasonic scaling and root planing! If you are already aware of this particular detail but you have to admit that you don’t really know what any of this means (except… Read more »

CISD Summer Feeding Program

To ensure no child (or adult) feels hunger pangs that cannot be responded to this summer, the CISD ensures everyone enjoys warm, sunny days filled with full bellies with the CISD Summer Feeding Program.

Sleep Apnea: Can’t I Just Ignore It For Now?

Can I just stop worrying about sleep apnea for now, you might wonder to yourself? Can’t I just think about sleep apnea treatment in the future when it seems like I really cannot take it anymore? While we appreciate your approach to procrastination, of course, we have to say that if you choose to wait… Read more »

Simple Reasons It’s Time To Choose Invisalign

One of the biggest questions you may find that you ask yourself when you want your smile to look much better: Why should I choose Invisalign treatment? While the answers to this inquiry could certainly fill pages, we’d like to direct you toward those very simple and obvious reasons it’s a good idea to go… Read more »

Tooth Loss Embarrassment: How To Cope!

You may feel embarrassed about your tooth loss. As a result, you’re much less likely than someone who doesn’t feel this way to come in, check out your tooth replacement options, and then take care of the situation without your emotions coming into play. However, if you do feel emotional about this issue, we’d like… Read more »