Monthly Archives: May 2018

Why It’s Nice To Have A Family Dentist

Have you ever given much thought to why it’s so nice to have a family dentist? When you’re looking for a place to call your own, where you and your family members will be able to receive the comprehensive smile protection that they need, what you really want is to feel comfortable, respected, and relaxed…. Read more »

Auxiliary Job Fair 2018

Have you been looking for a job? If so, you may want to add the Auxiliary Job Fair to your list of options! You’ll have access to a variety of employment opportunities! Remember to save the date, so you don’t miss out on this upcoming experience.

Lesser Known Reasons You Really Need An Extraction

There are obvious reasons that you need a tooth extraction that you can likely come up with on your own. For instance, when you end up experiencing some sort of impact and your tooth is seriously damaged, it’s not surprising that the remaining tissue may need to be removed. Or, you have wisdom teeth that… Read more »

Dental Care: How We Figure Out What You Need

You know that we keep telling you we offer comprehensive dental care with a list of lots (and lots) of dental services. However, what you begin wondering is how you’re going to figure out which treatment or two from that list is really what you need. Here’s what we like to remind our patients: That’s… Read more »

Tween Craft Time  

Do your tweens have a creative streak and you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to encourage it? An easy place to start is with a trip to the library for Tween Craft Time! About 45 minutes of crafting will give your child special time carved out specifically for creating something artistic.

Let’s Review: All About Cleaning Your Tongue

You don’t know if you should clean your tongue or not. Perhaps you’ve polled friends and family members, assuming you’re going to end up with an overwhelming vote one way or the other but, alas, everyone else is just as uncertain as you are! What to do? Well, to begin, start with this one fact:… Read more »

Q&A: Why Is Sugar Bad For Teeth?

You may have a hard time understanding what makes sugar so bad for your teeth when you really sit down and think about it. Does sugar instantly make a cavity form, you wonder, and why? How is it possible that something so delicious causes decay? Why is it that you can eat sugar, visit us… Read more »