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Bunny Blast 2018

Have you checked the date for Easter this year? It’s on the first of April, which means your cute little kiddos are going to be heading out to seek out multi-colored eggs this month. So, make sure you’ve got our community’s Bunny Blast written down on your schedule to ensure you don’t miss out on… Read more »

Contouring: Procedure Questions You Want Answered!

Before you receive dental contouring, it’s absolutely normal to find yourself going over a bunch of questions in your mind. You know, of course, that the way this procedure is works includes the gentle removal of some tooth tissue to improve shape, length, or texture. However, while you’ve got the big picture down pat, that… Read more »

A Quick Veneer Rundown: How Does It Work?

You may discover that as much as you feel enamored with the idea of porcelain veneers for your smile improvement needs, you don’t know the first thing about how it all works. This, of course, can make you feel a little standoffish. Is this something that’s going to be difficult to accomplish? How do they… Read more »