Monthly Archives: December 2017

Three Simple Smile Helpers

A friendly smile gives a boost to your day, whether you are the one giving it, or receiving it. Laughter has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and increase immune response. Smiles come more easily when teeth and gums are in good shape. That means attention to brushing and flossing at home, and regular… Read more »

Maker Mondays at Austin Memorial Library

If you are beginning to hear the cries of “I’m bored” from youngsters around your house, you can take advantage of Maker Mondays at the Austin Memorial Library. Let creative minds and hands have fun, exploring the variety of crafts and activities that answer young questions, and engage with science principles at the same time.

Have A Merry Christmas And A …

We usually finish the line with “and a happy New Year!” Of course, we hope you have the happiest of holidays and a 2018 filled with everything your heart desires. However, since we are your dental team, we have some additional ideas at the moment! Rather than finishing that line with a happy New Year,… Read more »

3 Ways To Break A Tooth This Holiday

It’s possible, of course, to break a tooth any time of the year. It’s not a happy detail to reflect on but, nonetheless, it is the truth! While we don’t want you to think you’re safer when we aren’t celebrating the winter holidays, we would like to point out those particular aspects of the holiday… Read more »

The Christmas Ranch Lights Display

What’s better than hopping in the car, turning on holiday music, and enjoying a leisurely drive through a beautiful Christmas lights display? If you’re scratching your head because you can’t really think of anything better, then the Christmas Ranch lights display might be the ultimate holiday experience you’ve been searching high and low to discover!

Children’s Smiles: Some Fantastic Resolutions

Do you have resolutions all mapped out for yourself for 2018? Have you come up with anything as it applies to your children? If you’re including things that you’d like to do that will make caring for your little ones easier, we most certainly have some suggestions to add to the list in regard to… Read more »

Oral Health: Hand Tips For Winter!

Wait a second, you may be thinking to yourself. Why on earth are we talking about your hands when we are helping you protect your oral health? Well, because you might overlook the fact that your hands are highly involved in protecting your teeth and gums. As a result, when winter hits, you may find… Read more »

Partial Dentures: Your Questions Answered

Do you have some questions about partial dentures? Do you wish that you could improve your experience a little bit (or are you simply worried that something is wrong with your partial but you don’t really know what to do)? Not to worry. Our Q&A session will help and, of course, scheduling time for us… Read more »

Houston Food Bank S.N.A.P. Truck December 2017

The holidays are coming! They should be a time that is very merry and joyous for all. However, when budgets are tight and food becomes scarce, it can make an otherwise happy season a very trying one. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, spend a moment with the Houston… Read more »

Flossing: 3 Things You’re Getting Very Wrong

There are some things may be getting wrong about flossing. While you may be perfectly on track, if you have any misgivings or you often feel confused about what should be going on with this part of dental hygiene, then we think you might want to think through the role floss plays in your life…. Read more »