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Fluoride: Facts You Should Know

We think there are some things you should know about fluoride because we hear an awful lot of misinformation coming from our patients! We hear so much, in fact, that we have come to realize you may be missing out on essential ingredients (such as this one) when you’re practicing your dental hygiene just because… Read more »

Dental Insurance: The Time To Use It Is ASAP!

It’s time to put your dental coverage to work! As in … right now. Why are we suddenly so frantic to ensure you’re getting all that you can out of your dental insurance at the current moment? After all, there’s a lot going on, there are gifts to be purchased, trees to be decorated, parties… Read more »

Quiz Time: Mouthwash

Gone are the days when mouthwash came in just a couple of minty flavors, and occupied one or two spots on the drug store shelf. You can now choose from a wide vareity of mouthwashes (and mouth rinse products) with flavors from ultramint to fruit. They might have fluoride, whitening agents and antiseptics added. Over-the-counter… Read more »

Thanksgiving Parade In Downtown Houston

Is there something about tossing on a sweater (and maybe a coat, too, when the temps get chilly enough), and heading out for a Thanksgiving parade that puts a big, nostalgic grin on your face? If so, it is absolutely time to mark your calendar for this very special Thanksgiving Parade In Downtown Houston event!

Dental Hygiene: 3 Places You Might Not Be Cleaning

You might be brushing. You might be flossing, too. However, you might not be cleaning all of the areas of your smile that require attention if you want to keep your smile safe. So, what to do now that you already think you’re covering your bases in an effort to maintain your oral health? Well,… Read more »

Cavity Formation: 2 Things You Might Not Realize

When you’re thinking about the way tooth decay forms in your smile, you might think you’ve got it all down pat. As long as you don’t eat too much candy, you might think to yourself, or over-indulge in sugary sodas, you’ll be just fine! … Right? Not exactly. While sugar does encourage the development of… Read more »

Toothpaste: Questions That Embarrass You A Bit!

We have learned over the years that even very simple questions that we’ve never considered embarrassing can turn even the boldest of our patients into a shy wallflower! If you have a question about dental hygiene products like toothpaste, please remember that we will be happy to answer them. Furthermore, the more you know, the… Read more »

Ribbon Cutting JLA Realty

Happen to feel quite passionate about ribbon cuttings, the real estate market in our community, and there’s nary a finger food you’d turn away? Spend a little time this weekend enjoying a local event with the Ribbon Cutting for JLA Realty!

Holiday Special: End The Year With A (Healthy) Smile!

Yep, you’re hearing an awful lot about the holidays from us. It’s because we know what it’s like to try to keep your usual daily life schedule going, while you’ve got an additional three-mile-long list of other things to do that feel equally important. Of course, as your list of people you need to buy… Read more »

Get Your Smile Holiday Ready

If you haven’t heard the jingling of the bells in your local grocery store or at the mall just yet, rest assured: You’ll be hearing them soon enough! Of course, this is a sign of many things. First, that we are all in for some very cozy moments ahead. Next, that you probably have a… Read more »