Monthly Archives: September 2017

3 Rumors You Can Ignore!

There are a lot of rumors out there. In this age of smartphones, the internet, and constant access to an overload of not-necessarily-reliable information, it is easy to become turned around when you’re looking for factual information. The good news is that if it’s about dental care, we can most certainly answer your questions for… Read more »

Craze Line Time: Fast Facts!

By now, if you have been trying to figure out what on earth you’re seeing in your enamel, you might know that your teeth have craze lines. This is something you can figure out pretty quickly, thanks to our world full of resources and quick answers! However, that doesn’t mean that you know exactly what’s… Read more »

Family Fall Festival

Here comes autumn! Yes, we know, it might not necessarily be all gold, red, and russet hued leaves in Texas (or crisp, chilly weather). However, once you step foot into the Family Fall Festival, you will be transported into a fall-focused world in which you enjoy all of the cozy details you love. You might… Read more »

Children And Toothpaste: Helpful Reminders

Good news! When you’re trying very hard to promote excellent oral health habits for your kids but you’re finding that you’re out of tips, we are here to help. From choosing the best products that make your kids smile to using the right amount of toothpaste, we are more than happy to offer helpful reminders… Read more »

Why Aren’t You Coming In For Checkups?

Are you scheduling and showing up for dental checkups on the dot every single time? Or, are you not remaining consistent with scheduling, sometimes you forget, or you have other reasons for avoiding your essential preventive care visits with us? We know that if we’re not seeing your lovely smile twice a year, there might… Read more »

Community Health & Resource Fair

Are you new to the community? Have you lived here for all of your life? Somewhere in between? Whatever the case, every member of our town is invited to the upcoming Community Health & Resource Fair. Whatever it is you are looking for in regards to caring for yourself, you may expect to find answers… Read more »

Why Sleep Apnea Isn’t Fair To Your Partner

If you’re sort of thinking about coming in to talk with us about whether you need sleep apnea treatment … and you have a partner … now might be the time. While it’s always important to do something about sleep apnea because it can have serious effects (negative ones) on your health, things become more… Read more »

Cold-Weather Illnesses: 3 Suggestions

Along with the ever-welcome cooler, friendlier temperatures, and festive celebrations that come with the change of the seasons into autumn and winter come something less lovely: Illnesses that can keep you down for the count for days on end! From the flu to the common cold and then some, there are some not-so-nice germs that… Read more »

Canker Sores: Who, What, Where, Etc.?

Nobody ever feels very happy about getting a canker sore. In fact, these sores cause some serious alarm for many people, a good amount of confusion, and lead to a very long list of questions. To address the major details you need, so you can respond calmly and appropriately should one show up in your… Read more »

CISD & City Of Cleveland Harvey Recovery!

Fellow community members, we send out a heartfelt reminder that CISD & City of Cleveland Harvey Recovery is on its way. From our practice to each and every one of our patients and their families, we hope you are safe and well. As a result of the fine efforts of the City of Manhattan Beach… Read more »