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How To Fix Your Not-So-Straight Smile

What’s wrong with your smile that’s causing you to think you may require orthodontic care? Are you looking at crooked teeth in the mirror? Do you see spaces between teeth that have long bothered you? Maybe you are experiencing a problem with your alignment that you are certain requires care but that you cannot quite… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Care For Your Kids In College

When your kids finish packing up, head to the dorms, and then you realize they’re actually all grown up, one thing that hits you suddenly includes the following question: What about their smile health? Who does what at this point? They’re not actually living 100 percent independent lives, they have never scheduled a dental visit… Read more »

FAQs: Food Stuck Between Teeth

You know when you get food stuck between your teeth and you feel frantic to get it out? Yep. It’s a common dilemma. It is also something that may occur on a broad spectrum. Sometimes, you can swish water and use your tongue to clear the debris. Other times, achieving success does not come quite… Read more »

Tips For Your Smile: While You’re On The Job

When you’re on the job, whether that means you’re sitting in front of a classroom, you’re in an office, you’re working outdoors, or you’re in your car most of the day, it generally boils down to the same set of confines: You don’t have immediate access to your home dental hygiene setup, you’re eating what… Read more »

Small Business Workshop

Are you thinking about going for it and starting the business you’ve always dreamed about? Perhaps you are already a small business owner and are always on the lookout for resources to help you make your business better. Good news: You’re invited to the upcoming Small Business Workshop in town, which will provide you with… Read more »

Denture Doesn’t Fit? Consider These 3 Things.

Did you wake up one morning, place your denture into your mouth, then realize that something just doesn’t feel the same? When your full denture no longer feels like it’s sitting or functioning as it usually does, it probably does not fit. Is it something you did, you wonder? Is something wrong specifically with the… Read more »

Tongue Piercings: Fast Facts You’ll Need

Do you think that a tongue ring is in your future? Probably sooner than later? If you have not yet headed out to receive this oral accessory, then perhaps there is something holding you back. Or, maybe you just need some more information. We would love to help you out by filling you in with… Read more »

Cleveland Outdoor Expo

Are you someone who loves taking care of the outside of your home? Perhaps you enjoy keeping a garden, maintaining an immaculate landscape, adding furnishings to your outdoor space, and more! Whatever your interest, you will find what you are looking for (and will have some fun, too) at the upcoming Cleveland Outdoor Expo.

How To Avoid Brushing Too Hard

If you always thought that harder brushing would yield better results, it’s time to throw that belief out the window! The truth is that, though it might seem hard brushing should be beneficial, it can cause all sorts of problems for you (such as gum recession, eroded dental tissue, etc.). So, what to do now… Read more »

Smile Disorders Quiz: What’s What?

As you have likely noticed over the course of your experience as a dental patient, a variety of smile disorders exist. Hopefully, you will never find yourself face to face with a single one of them! However, if you do, rest assured that we offer comprehensive dental care to restore your oral health. As for… Read more »