Monthly Archives: March 2017

New Office and Team Photos Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for photos and updates on our new office and team! For now, be sure to check out our website for updates! We’re constantly posting new content, and would love to hear your questions and what you want to see us blog about. Leave a comment below with your ideas!

Cleveland Pro Rodeo Livestock Show & Dairy Day

Wondering what kind of fun you’re going to have in April? Don’t have much on your social calendar just yet? Well don’t spend another minute pondering! Grab your pen and block off your time from today through April 8th … the Cleveland Pro Rodeo Livestock Show & Dairy Day is here!

Celebrate Small Bites  

Do you ever wonder how to get started with making your eating habits healthier but it’s that initial change that is the biggest obstacle? Rather than finding yourself feeling frustrated and defeated, why not head out for a fun informative class with other community members? You’ve got time to catch the last installment of the… Read more »

Calcium: The Facts And Figures

You have long heard that you require calcium for strong teeth and strong bones. While it’s certainly ingrained in your thoughts to consider how much calcium you’re getting every day and to do your best to protect yourself, you might not be making a concerted effort to check in on your levels. After all, most… Read more »

What Is Preventive Care?

You probably hear quite often that you need excellent preventive care to keep your smile healthy. However, if you’re not sure about what prevention entails, how it works, or what exactly it includes or does for you, then you might not feel too concerned about practicing it. Fortunately, we offer you a simple breakdown of… Read more »

Mamelons: Do You Have Them?

What do you see when you look at your smile in photos? Do you see front teeth with smooth chewing borders? Or, do you notice upon closer inspection that the chewing edges of your front teeth have tiny bumps on them that you’ve had since your permanent teeth showed up … only most of your… Read more »

Painting With A Twist

If the idea of lounging around with friends, while you snack, talk, sip wine, and paint a truly astonishing work of art sounds like your kind of night, then this is the event for you! Call up your other artistically inclined friends and head out for Painting With A Twist.

What’s Bruxism All About?

If you have heard about bruxism disorder in even the slightest way and you’re dealing with symptoms you think may be associated, it is time to come in for a dental visit. When functional problems occur in your smile, the sooner you allow us to treat them, the easier it is to stop any type… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: Just The Essentials

Receiving the news that you need a root canal treatment can be a great moment or can be an upsetting one. When you understand the essential details of this restorative treatment, it’s easy to feel good about scheduling care and coming in to restore your tooth. If you don’t know anything about it, you may… Read more »

St. Paddy’s Day Oral Health Suggestions

As St. Patrick’s Day gets a little bit closer every day, we think over the things you’ll probably be doing to celebrate. There’s indulging in shamrock-hued drinks, spending some times partying with friends, and heading out into lovely weather for some outdoor fun. While this all sounds like a lot of fun, it’s important to… Read more »