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The ABC’s Of Dental Bonding

Have you been curious about dental bonding for some time now? Are you doing your best to research it but you keep getting it confused with other cosmetic treatments? Have you just begun to scratch the surface of all the information out there and you’re wondering how to focus on the essential stuff that will… Read more »

Don’t Worry, You Can Receive Emergency Dental Care!

There’s nothing scarier than suddenly noticing you broke your tooth or realizing discomfort you thought would go away is getting worse. On the flip side of that experience, there are few things more relieving than realizing emergency dental care is only a few steps away. So, when the unexpected occurs and you’re in need of… Read more »

Free Tax Prep Event!

Here comes tax time! Are you feeling more motivated this year than usual about getting your taxes filed? Perhaps you feel just as much dread as you always do! In either case, you’ll be pleased to learn about the upcoming AARP Free Tax Prep Event that will work wonders for anyone looking to get ready… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz: Time Consuming Or Not?

The sense that your dental hygiene requires serious commitment and time is a feeling that is shared by many dental patients. You need to come in for visits, you brush, you floss, you purchase products. It seems like a lot sometimes. However, is it really? Or is it just a matter of finding a routine and… Read more »

Wish You Loved Your Smile? Try Cosmetic Dentistry!

Do you wish you could smile, take a look at yourself in the mirror, and think to yourself, “Wow, what a beautiful smile!” instead of wrinkling up your nose and feeling disappointed? We understand. Whether there’s a tiny issue that bugs you, widespread concerns from chipping to staining, or you can’t quite put your finger… Read more »

City Council Meeting And Joint Public Hearing

Do you tend to stay pretty active regarding all things related to Cleveland, TX? Perhaps you don’t get too involved but when something important comes up, you like to be aware of it. Whatever the case, we’ve got a helpful reminder for you: You and your fellow community members are welcome to the upcoming Monthly… Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Cleanings

As you may already know about dental cleanings, there’s something extremely refreshing about them. First, you will literally walk away from our practice with a fresher feeling mouth. Second, of course, you will know your mouth is as clean as it is going to get and that you’ve got a solid foundation for effective care… Read more »

Your Absolute Best Dental Care At Home

Oral health care is composed of two essential parts: The professional care you receive from our practice and the dental care you practice at home. If you’re remembering to call us to schedule a visit for yourself twice a year (in intervals of six months) then you are right on target with one part of your… Read more »

Come On In For Comprehensive Care!

Are you a patient seeking out a dental practice where you (and the whole fam) can receive thoughtful, relaxing care that addresses the needs of everyone? Well, aren’t we glad you happened upon our website? You will discover in reviewing a quick rundown of our services that we provide patients with modern dental care through… Read more »