Common Signs That You Need A Dentist

cleveland toothaches

How do you know when you need to see the dentist? Addressing common problems early means you can avoid major pain or the risk of tooth loss. Which is why you shouldn’t ignore signs like a toothache. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about the common warning signs that indicate the need for dental treatment!

The Importance of Regular Care

When you see us every six months for your routine checkup and cleaning appointment, we can keep an eye on your smile and identify signs of trouble in the earliest stages, often before you experience discomfort. We then clean the teeth to remove the harmful layers of plaque and tartar that could increase the risk of cavities and gum disease. If we find areas that require attention, we can create a treatment plan to correct these concerns and improve your overall oral health. But outside of these visits, you should always let us know when you experience discomfort, as this could mean you need to seek treatment.


Sometimes, a toothache could be caused by changes in elevation, winter winds, or even sinus or allergy concerns. These are short lived and pass after a few hours. But if you have pain in a tooth that lasts for more than a day, this could mean an advanced case of tooth decay, or the early stages of a dental infection. You should see us right away, so we can place a filling or a dental crown to stop discomfort and protect the tooth. Often, we can repair a tooth in only one visit, so you leave with better oral health and a comfortable smile.

Sore/Bleeding Gums

Your gums frame your smile and support your teeth, and poor gum health could mean issues like periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease linked to adult tooth loss. When you notice your gums appear red, feel sore, or bleed easily, then you should let us know right away. We will diagnose the concern and then create a treatment plan to reverse gingivitis or manage gum disease, so you avoid major complications and maintain a full and beautiful smile. Often, this treatment consists of a deep cleaning, or a scaling and root planing.

Headaches and Jaw Pain

When you have chronic headaches or pain in your jaw, this could be due to disorders like TMD or even chronic teeth grinding (bruxism). To offer relief, we could create a custom oral appliance!

Talk To Your Cleveland, TX Dentist About Undergoing Treatment

Our team is ready to help you and your family maintain good oral health. For more information on recognizing common signs of poor oral health, then contact your Cleveland, TX, dentist, Dr. Uhrenholdt, by calling (281) 592-1234.