Don’t Develop Holiday-Related Tooth Decay

cleveland thanksgiving cavities

During Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we tend to eat plenty of sweets, and tons of comfort foods high in starch. While delicious, all of this is a recipe for the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about how to avoid cavities during the holiday season.

The Link Between Sugar, Starch, and Tooth Decay

First, sugar and starch particles often cling to our teeth and become trapped between teeth as well, left for harmful oral bacteria to break down and consume. This process elevates oral acidity levels and coats the teeth in plaque buildup, which hardens with time into tartar. The buildup not only causes bad breath and teeth stains, but weakens outer enamel, eroding it to expose sensitive inner structures and allow cavities to form. This means toothaches and the risk of infection! Which is why you should enjoy items high in sugar and starch, which range from biscuits, stuffing, and mashed potatoes to pies, cobblers, and cakes, in moderation during your family’s meal!

Improving Your Oral Health

As we mentioned above, enjoy starchy and sugary items in moderation, balancing your plate with healthy items that contain fruits and vegetables. Some fresh fruits and veggies, such as carrots, broccoli, and apples, can help scrub away particles as you consume them. We also urge people to enjoy water with their email, as this provides a healthy way to rinse away food particles as you eat. After your meal, consider excusing yourself to floss thoroughly.

You should also make sure that during the holiday season, you and your family take time to brush for two minutes when you wake up and then again before bed, using a fluoride toothpaste to help keep the enamel strong. You also need to floss every evening to remove what a toothbrush alone cannot reach.

Checkup and Cleaning Appointments

If you haven’t seen us lately for a checkup and cleaning, consider doing so to end the year with your healthiest smile. You can also use your remaining 2022 dental benefits before they expire! In the same visit, we will clean the teeth to remove the harmful layers that could threaten the health of your smile. If you have any questions about how to treat tooth decay or avoid it completely, then contact our team today. We would love to see you and your family before the year ends, so give us a call soon!

Talk To Your Cleveland, TX Dentist About Avoiding Cavities

Our team is eager to help you avoid painful tooth decay during the holiday season. For more information about treating cavities or avoiding them with good oral hygiene habits, then contact your Cleveland, TX, dentist, Dr. Uhrenholdt, by calling (281) 592-1234.