Does Your Smile Need A Prosthetic?

cleveland dental prosthetic

If you have lost several of your natural teeth, then you could use a dental prosthetic to address these gaps and rebuild your smile! With a custom approach, we can address your missing teeth and help you smile with confidence again. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about creating an implant-secured denture.

The Impact of Missing Teeth

Losing our teeth, especially a large number of them, could complicate multiple aspects of our lives. Speaking clearly could become difficult, and you could be limited in the types of foods you consume. You may feel embarrassed about your appearance as well. The body responds to the missing roots too, suspends the flow of calcium and phosphates to the bone structure around the lost roots. The tissue begins to break down, a process that causes further tooth loss and for many, a prematurely aged appearance. But this process can be halted! We can secure prosthetics, from bridge to full dentures, with dental implants.

Designing a Prosthetic

To begin, our team will take detailed digital images of your smile from multiple angles. We then combine these to create a detailed 3D impression, one that enables us to design your new prosthetic. We employ durable and lifelike materials to ensure the final results look great, and can also absorb daily bite forces and pressures. For a bridge, we have new teeth with crowns on each end. With dentures, we have an acrylic base that looks like gum tissue, and teeth crafted from durable materials we can shade to blend with your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditionally, these types of prosthetics are held in place with crowns on abutment teeth, clasps, or suction. But we can actually insert multiple dental images into your jaw, setting them at specific angles and positions to support your new teeth. These stimulate the growth of jawbone structure to prevent the jaw from losing mass and density, so your new teeth can now last for decades to come, or possibly a lifetime. We can secure a fixed denture, full or partial, and create a longer-lasting bridge as well. Don’t live with tooth loss, or rely on removable prosthetics that need to be replaced every five years. Instead, talk to our team about our dental implant dentures!

If you have any questions about treating tooth loss, then contact our team today to learn more. You also have a chance to use your benefits before they expire at the end of the year.

Talk To Your Cleveland, TX Dentist About Missing Teeth

We would like to help you enjoy a complete smile again. For more information about addressing the gap in your smile, then contact your Cleveland, TX, dentist, Dr. Uhrenholdt, by calling (281) 592-1234.