Your Health Could Affect Your Smile’s Beauty

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Too often, we tend to isolate the concepts of medicine and cosmetic concerns. When it comes to your oral health, these two things are often intertwined. We are finding new links every day between the systems of the mouth and the rest of the body.

People may be aware of the ties between our cardiovascular health and our dental systems. But this is by no means the only connection! And not only can poor oral hygiene lead to health concerns in the rest of the body, but certain illnesses can lead to a deterioration of the beauty of your smile. So today, your Cleveland, TX dentist explains some of the ways that illness and disease may lead to cosmetic dental concerns, even when the issue starts away from the mouth!

Symptoms Can Guide You

Your mouth operates somewhat like a “dipstick” for your overall health. Certain symptoms appear in the mouth before you may be able to feel poorly or notice something elsewhere. And if you already have a diagnosis of a concern, this may be used as a way to identify any form of disease progression.

One example of how our body connects to our oral health is with diabetes. During periods of elevated blood glucose (known as hyperglycemia), we try to expel the excess sugar in our blood through our other fluids. Mostly, this comes from increased urination, with glucose pushed out by your kidneys.

But this also happens in the saliva, and it can do serious harm to your enamel. These sugars feed bacterial growth just like candy or soda would, but even rinsing cannot wash this away. You will continue to make glucolic saliva until your blood glucose returns to a healthy level.

One in every five instances of tooth loss are directly related to diabetes, so this is a serious risk. By strictly controlling your numbers, you will be able to mitigate this damage. When you are within your appropriate range, you can control the possibility of complications. It is important to recognize the power that you have!

Another Concern Is Organ Damage

A different aspect of this connection comes with the ability of your organs to do their jobs. Our heart is one of our most important of these, obviously, and there is a lot of science showing the contact between these two areas.

Research shows that the bacteria that causes the plaque on your teeth can travel to your heart, causing an increase of risks such as heart disease or stroke. This bacteria also plays a pivotal role in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is why a comprehensive approach to medicine can be so helpful. Our bodies’ system do not work independently, and by taking the time to care how they work together can lead to softer care that allows your body to help itself fully!

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