Removing Teeth Stains With Whitening

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When you have serious discoloration, you may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile. Instead of relying on less-than-dramatic results with store bought options, we can offer professional options. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about our two teeth whitening options.

The Causes of Your Discoloration

Why do teeth become stained? This could be due to a number of different factors. For example, drinks with dark pigments, like soda, red wine, tea, and coffee, could stain your teeth. Foods high in sugar and starch could promote plaque buildup, which makes discoloration more visible. Smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products is a factor too, along with improper brushing and flossing habits and infrequent visits for professional dental cleanings. But we can remove these stains and brighten your smile, while better oral hygiene habits could help the results last longer.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For fast results, our team could offer an in-office option. With the Sinsational Smile system, we provide a set of pre-filled silicone trays. When worn, these coat the teeth in a powerful bleaching gel, which begins to break up and remove all teeth stains. A special light activates the gel, and afterward we send you home with a special pen for touchups. The entire process could take as little as 20 minutes and for a significantly brighter smile.

At-Home Treatment

If you have more substantial discoloration and need treatment that doesn’t cause sensitivity, we could discuss our at-home system. The process is with a visit that allows us to design and craft a set of plastic trays. We then send you home with these trays and a powerful bleaching gel. You fill the trays with gel and wear them for about 30 to 45 minutes a day. The trays ensure even results across your smile and prevent saliva from diluting the gel. After one to two weeks, you could have a smile eight shades brighter in some cases! The trays and remaining gel are then yours to use for touchups as needed in the coming months. You can also help your smile stay birth by drinking water instead of soda, brushing and flossing daily, and having your teeth professional cleanings every six months.

If you have any questions about how we brighten your smile with whitening, or about masking permanent discoloration with bonding or veneers, then contact our team today to learn more. We have several choices to help you enjoy a brighter smile, no matter how severe your staining is!

Talk To Your Cleveland, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

Our team wants to help remove the stains from the surfaces of your teeth. For more information on treatments to brighten smiles, contact your Cleveland, TX, dentist, Dr. Uhrenholdt, by calling (281) 592-1234.