When Your Smile Needs Emergency Dentistry

cleveland dental emergency

A dental emergency simply means any teeth that have been damaged or develop serious discomfort. We need to treat them to prevent the onset of tooth decay and infected teeth. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about how we treat a damaged tooth, and what to expect from your emergency visit.

When a Dental Emergency Happens

A dental emergency could happen at any time and often seems to occur outside of normal business hours! Which is why even when this happens in the evening or weekends, you can still call us to arrange a time to see you quickly so we can address your emergency before your smile’s health and stability is further compromised. This could involve chipped or cracked teeth, or possibly sudden toothaches. A filling or crown could come loose or fall out, and a tooth could be knocked loose or out completely.

When an injury happens, don’t panic! For a damaged tooth, rinse with warm water and use gauze or cloth to control any bleeding. You can recover any pieces possible and bring them with you to the office. Use a cold compress to control facial swelling too. If a tooth hurts, floss on either side of it and rinse with warm water. When a restoration is loose or missing, avoid hard or cold foods and drinks or items high in sugar, as the tooth is very vulnerable and sensitive. When a tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the crown, not the root, and rinse away dirt. Place it in a glass of salt water or milk and bring it with you. For all of these situations, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

How We Repair Your Teeth

For minor damage, we could often offer relief in one visit with bonding, repairing the tooth to prevent cavities and using a lifelike composite resin. For more severe damage, we have crowns and for discomfort brought by tooth decay, we could offer a filling in one sitting. We also have the ability to replace your fillings and crowns as well. Often, we can bring relief in one sitting!

Protecting Your Smile

Moving forward, be sure you wear a mouthguard when playing sports or martial arts, and take time to care for your teeth to keep them free of tooth decay. Good oral hygiene habits can help safeguard your smile from injury!

Do You Have Questions About Emergency Dentistry?

We would like to help prevent cracks or chips from compromising your teeth. If you have any questions about repairing damaged teeth, or if you would like to schedule a consultation today, please contact Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX, at (281) 592-1234. You can also find our practice at 205 E. Houston St. Cleveland, TX 77327.