We Have An Attractive Alternative To Silver Fillings

Cleveland dental fillings

While at one time silver dental fillings were the standard for treating tooth decay, our team opts for a longer-lasting and more lifelike alternative. When our patients see us for cavity treatment, we could provide white fillings using composite resin. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about how we treat a cavity. 

The Downside of Silver Fillings

While they were effective, they were not without a few downsides. For example, being metal meant they would change shape and time and temperature, expanding and contracting in ways that could expose the tooth to further decay or infection. They also contained trace amounts of mercury to bind the various metal ingredients together. These could complicate filling placement for pregnant women or young children. They also didn’t look natural, and could stand out when you smiled or laughed. 

Our Composite Resin Alternative 

With composite resin fillings, we have a material that contains no metal. Instead, they contain a blend of glass-like and acrylic-like materials, which are safe for all ages, don’t expand or contract with time, and they can also be color-matched to blend with your teeth seamlessly. Placement only takes one visit, and this prevents your cavity from becoming a dental infection. If you have a tooth that feels sensitive when you eat or drink, or one that aches, then let us know! You may have a cavity that needs immediate attention. If you attend your six month checkup and cleaning visits, then we will be able to diagnose a cavity before you experience discomfort! 

Placing Your Restoration

How do we place them? To begin, we will need to administer a local anesthetic to ensure you feel comfortable. Next, we gently remove decay from the tooth and clean it thoroughly. Afterward, we apply the filling material to the tooth. Once in place, we will expose the tooth to a special light that cures the material. We shape and mold the tooth in the process. The last step involves polishing the tooth for a brighter and more attractive appearance. In one visit, we help you enjoy lifelike restorations and prevent the need for a root canal! If you have any questions about how we treat a cavity, or about our natural looking dental restorations, then contact our team today. 

Do You Have a Cavity?

We’re ready to provide a cosmetic solution to your cavities, so your tooth is comfortable and looks great too. If you have any questions about our lifelike dental restorations, or if you would like to schedule a consultation today, please contact Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX, at (281) 592-1234. You can also find our practice at 205 E. Houston St. Cleveland, TX 77327.