How Do We Create Perfect-Fitting Invisalign® Aligners?

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When you have misalignment, that means your teeth are crooked, or that they crowd and overlap one another. Misalignment could mean poor oral health, and negative impacts on smile beauty. To correct uneven teeth without using metal braces, your Cleveland, TX, dentist can create a set of perfect-fitting Invisalign® aligners.

When Do We Prescribe Invisalign®?

We recommend this option for our teen and adult patients with misalignment. These aligners can correct minor and more severe cases. To see if they’re right for you, we will need to make a close examination of your smile to identify the cause and assess the extent of your misalignment. From there, we can decide if this is the best route to a straighter smile. If so, we will need to take a series of digital images with an advanced scanning system.

Crafting a Series of Plastic Aligners

The images we gather will be combined to create a detailed 3D model of your smile. In a lab setting, this will be used to design and craft a series of aligners from a BPA-plastic material. They fit comfortably, helping you avoid the gum and cheek irritation that is often caused by braces. The aligners will also be nearly invisible when worn, so few people will even notice you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, this is especially important for our teen and adult patients receiving orthodontic care.

The Treatment Process

Each day, a set will be worn for about 20 to 22 hours a day. After two weeks, you will then upgrade to the next set in the series. As the treatment progresses, your teeth will be carefully and gently repositioned, correcting misalignment in about a year for adults or up to 18 months for teens. The exact time will depend on the extent of your misalignment, and whether you wear the aligners as we prescribed. You will be able to take them out before each meal, so no more concerns about food being caught in braces, and no more need to avoid certain items. Being removable also means you have a much easier time brushing and flossing your teeth.

If you have any questions about how we use the clear Invisalign® system to correct uneven smiles, or if you would like to see if this is the right option for you or a member of your family, then contact our team today to learn more!

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Orthodontics?

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