Treating TMJ Disorder Could Stop Your Headaches

cleveland tmj disorder

We recently talked about how we treat bruxism, which could damage teeth and cause painful symptoms. Today, we would like to touch on a related but different oral health issue known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. This disorder could cause headaches and jaw pain, and also lead to issues with overall oral health. Fortunately, your Cleveland, TX, dentist offers a solution!

The Causes of TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joints are what connects your jaw and skull. You need these joints to talk and eat! However, if these joints undergo excessive strain and pressure, this could lead to a disorder known as TMD, or TMJ disorder. Essentially, you will have trouble opening and closing your mouth, and could experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms. In addition, you could also develop related disorders, such as bruxism, which further threatens your overall oral health. Causes usually involve issues that upset the balance of your bite, such as losing natural teeth, dental misalignment, injury to the face or jaw, untreated teeth grinding, and issues with the growth, development, and possibility of the jaw and oral structures.

Headaches and Other Symptoms

People with the disorder may report a host of uncomfortable symptoms, such as headaches and migraines. Other warning signs include popping or crackling in your jaw, sudden jaw or facial pain, and aches in the neck and shoulders. If you also grind your teeth, tooth sensitivity and toothaches are common too. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, then please let us know. We will carefully examine your smile with advanced digital technology, which enables us to diagnose the possible factors behind your strain, and decide the best course of treatment.

Possible Treatment Options

How do we put a top to your TMD-related discomfort? Well, for some we could correct misalignment with braces or aligners to ease strain, or place custom-made crowns to improve balance. However, in most cases we simply create an oral appliance that is worn at night, fitting like a mouthguard. The device is custom-made and fitted for your smile, and helps reposition the jaw joints to ease strain and prevent TMJ symptoms. The device is also beneficial if you grind your teeth, as it proves a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth, preventing further damage. If you have any questions about how we treat TMJ disorder, then contact our team today. We would like to help you enjoy optimal oral health, and a comfortable smile.

Your Cleveland, TX Dentist’s Office Treats TMD

Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX wants to help you avoid headaches and other painful symptoms. To learn more about how we treat issues like TMD, then contact our office at (281) 592-1234 to schedule your appointment today.