Supporting A New Dental Bridge

cleveland dental bridge

When you lose a tooth, or up to three in a row, we have a specific prosthetic ready to restore health, function, and beauty to your smile. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist will discuss how we create and support a dental bridge, and the steps we take to ensure they fit comfortably and look like natural teeth!

The Causes of Minor Tooth Loss

The goal of a dental bridge is to address more minor cases of tooth loss, such as one lost tooth. But what causes a tooth to become lost in the first place? Well, for some an injury or sports accident could cause one to be knocked out. Severe damage could mean one needs to be extracted. You could also lose one to a cavity or infection. The most common cause is the advanced stage of gum disease, known as periodontitis, which destroys the tissues that connect teeth and gums. Without replacement, even one lost tooth could mean misalignment, TMJ disorder, bruxism, and issues with your smile’s appearance. In addition, the body will suspend the flow of calcium and phosphates to the jawbone around the lost tooth, causing the tissue to lose mass and density and eventually, cause further tooth loss!

Creating Your Custom Bridge

To begin, we will administer a numbing agent to the teeth on either side of the gap, and then remove structure from them. We take detailed digital images and measurements of these teeth, which will be used in a dental lab setting to design and craft your custom prosthetic. The bridge itself will contain one or more pontics (replacement teeth), and have crowns attached to each end. When you return to the office, we attach the crowns to the teeth we removed structure from, known as abutment teeth. The pontics are now secured in place! The prosthetic could last between 10 and 15 years, and will be made from durable materials we shade to blend with the rest of your smile!

Support With Implants

Instead of removing structure from abutment teeth, we could insert one or more dental implant posts, which bond with the jawbone. This means the flow of calcium and phosphates to the jawbone resumes, protecting your jawbone structure. We then attach the crowns on your bridge to them, securing a prosthetic that lasts for decades while preserving natural structure too. If you have any questions about how we replace your missing teeth, then contact our team today to learn more.

Your Cleveland, TX Dentist’s Office Replaces Missing Teeth

Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX wants to help you avoid issues that arise due to missing teeth. To learn more about how our team addresses lost teeth, then contact our office at (281) 592-1234 to schedule your appointment today.